Wake UP! 22 Days to Limitless!

We are doing it again!! 1 week ago we finished the first 22 Day Limitless Challenge to expand the mind beyond what we all think is possible! The results & feedback of our group of 50 graduates were amazing!! And we became family! A community of limitless humans making a difference in the world together!

Feedback of our group – check it out!!

That is why we run it again! Now graduates giving back!! To create ripple effects in the world together! 🔥❤️On behalf of the Council for Human Development, I am proud to invite!


These challenging times are the IDEAL CATALYST to question your current situation in life and REDEFINE and RE-INVENT YOU! AND MOVE FAR BEYOND WHAT YOU, personal development & coaching… TELL YOU IS POSSIBLE!

As panic & fear are present everywhere, WE WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and invite you to the FREE transformational program: IN 22 DAYS FROM UNCONSCIOUS TO CONSCIOUS: A CHALLENGE TO RE-INNOVATE & COMPLETELY TRANSFORM OUR LIVES!!

It’s a 3 week, daily 60-90 min full on immersive live group training in QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY and THEORETICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, with the pillars: interactive teaching, hot seat & interventions to bring YOU to the next level! A glimpse of what it is about:

  • How to snap instantly out of a state of fear!
  • How to come up with a solution to any problem, effortlessly!
  • How to be super confident even in times of uncertainty and no need for external validation!
  • How to live life with deep purpose, destiny & meaning at a core level almost everybody is unaware of!
  • Understand what WE mentality truly means and that collaboration is the ultimate fulfilment!

The methods of choice are:

QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY explores the five dynamics of life – personal, social, environmental, situational and universal, with a view to expanding consciousness, creativity, communication, and confidence skills exponentially.

THEORETICAL CONSCIOUSNESS or Type 3 Thinking: From process & goal subservient consciousness (98% of us are in) to “in-state” – an ability intrinsic to all of us. Download from the quantum field and connect to your experiential database. It involves editing an individual’s language and thought patterns to move them to a limitless state of awareness and potential — through forming an authentic identity beyond social labels. A limitless identity.

THIS IS FOR YOU, IF YOU FEEL THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN YOU ARE CURRENTLY AWARE OF, AND ARE LOOKING NOT JUST FOR THE NEXT EDGE BUT TO BECOME LIMITLESS! The methods applied are absolutely non-mainstream, it is NOT another program, it is about creating YOUR REALITY according to YOUR PURPOSE in LIFE at a CORE LEVEL.

This is for those seekers who – after going through all kinds of (personal) development programs – are still asking what is more out there?

  • Dates: 2nd May – 24th May, bi-weekly.
  • Schematics

We are absolutely excited to join forces with you!! And to make a difference in these challenging times together!! ❤🔥

The Playlist with All recordings here:

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