SFS Mastermind: Dr. Nader Butto about Covid19 & Immunoresilience for the 21st Century

Dear friends!

We have FANTASTIC news!! Dr. Nader Butto is giving a special webinar for the SFS community in order to shed a different light on the COVID pandemic and how EVERYONE can become RESILIENT for this new era.

Dr. Nader Butto is a world leading cardiologist, who combines the scientific validation of western medicine with the profound teachings of a holistic approach as is usually found in Eastern traditions. His integrative medicine approach is based on “our health is a direct consequence of an alignment in our body, soul and spirit”.

His presentation at the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership Spiritual Trip 2018 in Abu Dhabi was absolutely mind blowing, where he also talked about the Energy Washout, a deep cleansing method he developed. You might have experienced the Energy Washout already through our friend Eran Markose trained by Dr. Butto. If you haven’t, it’s time:

It’s one of the most profound & life changing experiences they have experienced – acupuncture on steroids!

As many of our friends have put it

Dr Butto is incredibly busy and rarely presents in English, that is why we so excited to be able to share this unique opportunity with you!

We are looking forward to it!!
Stefan & Simon

UpdatE: RecoRding added

He talks about Covid19 (no change in overall mortality), Vaccines (not reasonable at this point) & Immune resilience for the 21st Century. Watch it now:

Check this video for a bit of background about Dr. Butto and the Energy Washout:

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