New Podcast live: You vs You

Dear world!! Check it out!!

Our CHD Podcast You vs You is live!!

On this podcast Agnes Bilik talks with members of the Council for Human Development and the connected community about how we can expand our minds and decode reality!

The Council for Human Development is working with consciousness and blockchain technology to create a decentralised, global, fully autonomous social program to raise and stimulate awareness thereby bringing clarity and elevating consciousness by training individuals to unleash their infinite potential. More details here.

👣🧠What are the first steps we can take towards becoming more conscious?

In oder to facilitate consciousness on a global scale we decided to launch a podcast, that can support everyones journey to becoming limitless 🤜

On the first episode of the You vs You podcast our host, Agnes Bilik is talking with David KarasekKern Frost and Simon Rilling about:

✔️Wake-up calls
✔️What is consciousness
✔️How we can think our way out of the money trap
✔️How we can think our way out of the mind’s maze

Listen to the full episode:

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