Non-Combative Argument – Enter the Ring!!

This is the Ring for Non-Combative Argument!

Trainers in Quantum Psychology debate a position over several rounds to practice critical thinking by arguing a position you don’t necessarily agree with in a non-combative, logical and detached way. Training intention: To be instantly in flow even under pressure and in front of an audience, to give a shit what others think and to become flexible and objective by putting yourself in the shoes of others.


  • 1 position to argue
  • 2 debaters: arguing pro and contra with reversal of position
  • Several rounds a 1 min each
  • No judgement & no right or wrong

The winner here is pre-declared: Progression & critical thought!

Ready to Rumble?!! Please enter the Ring!

If you think that is cool, and you would like to participate – let us know in the comments!

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