#4 | Holistic Health, Epigenetics, Myoreflex Therapy and Alternative vs. Conventional Medicine | Kurt Mosetter

In this episode I talk with Kurt Mosetter, who works with the world’s best soccer players but at the same time is still accessible for the general population and just an amazing inspirational human being with a huge heart. Growing up in a dream world of philosophy and nature, his father’s multiple sclerosis led him and his brother to develop a holistic understanding of how body, psyche and soul and finally succeed in restoring their fathers health against all odds. Studying Western human medicine, neurobiology, biochemistry but also eastern Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese medicine, he and his brother developed the Myoreflex Therapy. A holistic treatment targeting the roots that underlie many illnesses. Kurt talks about muscles as the body’s largest endocrine system, epigenetics (the body’s self healing capacity) and about alternative vs. conventional medicine. And much more.

About Kurt Mosetter:


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