#8 | The Power of Subconscious Beliefs, ‘Normal’ as an Opinion, Taking Action & World Record Mindset! Tom Hibbert

In this episode, I speak with Tom Hibbert, who is a world class strength coach working with several high level strength athletes (record holders and champions) especially from strongman and powerlifting. He is walking the talk and a top strength athlete (3x Englands Strongest Man) and World Record setter (Log Clean & Press u90kg: 166kg in 2019) himself. Tom explains why becoming conscious of yourself and where you are and where you want to go is necessary for any success. Besides talking about the power of beliefs & the subconscious mind he shares:

– the fundamental importance of your beliefs & mindset in achieving anything.
– the power of visualization and how your mind cant differentiate between imagination and actual exercise to recruit motor units.
– how (wrong) thoughts can make you weaker literally.
– important questions: Are you addicted to the process or goals?
– why many clients burst into tears when confronted with their self image.
– why ballet is a great foundation.
– the power of your subconscious mind.
– why 90% of people are not comfortable looking at themselves naked in the mirror.
– why less is more and ‘normal’ an opinion.
– why its key to always want to know more and learn!
– and much more

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