#9 | Finding Yourself & Truth through conscious Breathing! Releasing unprocessed Emotional Trauma through your Breath! | Philippa Wilkin

In this episode I reconnect with Philippa Wilkin, who I had my first ever incredible breathwork session with 2 years ago. Born and bred in the English countryside, Philippa is a corporate escapee turned transformational leadership coach and breathwork facilitator. An existential crisis led to a path of self exploration, deciding to quit her 12 year insurance career to discover her true purpose. Living in Brazil was the perfect antidote to her western conditioning and provided the space to explore and train in therapeutic breathwork. She is not just a wonderful human being but also the founder of Breathworks and now about to launch her new venture Versicle Global. She empowers people to breathe the change they wish to see in the world.

We talk about why breathing is so important, how unprocessed emotional trauma (which we all have) reflects in the way we breath and how we can release it through breathwork. We touch topics such as natural law, victim consciousness and the drama triangle. Philippa shares how our perception creates our limited subjective life experiences and how to transcend through breathing. How thoughts & emotions relate and how each of us can find purpose and truth. And much more!!

About Philippa Wilkin

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