#11 | Overcoming Addictions and Regenerative Culture, Sociocracy & Permaculture as the way to sustainable Health, Abundance & a stable Social Order! | Yoshi Pantera

Today I am here with Yoshi Pantera. Born in Ecuador, he is a plant based chef, event producer, MC poet, permaculture designer and deeply passionate about protecting the amazon jungle in Ecuador. In 2007 he founded the Collective Wave – a collective of artists and activists designing regenerative projects and creating positive transformational experiences for people – and now hosts the Regenerative Culture Podcast to help individuals and communities transition into a regenerative culture and establish health and abundance for future generations to come!

Selected gems Yoshi shares:
– How he overcame serious addictions and how you can too
– How he completely changed his life from a western lifestyle to a self sustaining & regenerative one
– What Permaculture is, what designing & living with nature means, and why without it there is no possibility of a stable social order
– How important ‘habits that allow more life to exist’ are and how that not only benefits each individual but also nature
– How working with, rather than against nature looks like in the real world
– Concept of Sociocracy: how it is based on consent – not majority – practiced in many communities around the world with success
– Models of sacred economics, timeshare and other movements, where people trade locally and nationally on a voluntaristic basis using unlisted Crypto-Currencies in a way where everyone is represented equally, and people can engage economically in a self-sufficient and decentralised way.

About Yoshi Pantera:
FB: https://fb.me/srsaenzj/
IG: https://instagram.com/yoshi.pantera/
Homepage: https://regenerativeculturepodcast.ck.page/2a013b9e2f

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