#12 | Becoming one with Rhythm – the most fundamental Power of Life! HRV, Vagus Nerve, Chaos as Wisdom and Simultaneous Perception as doorway to inner Stillness! | Reinhard Flatischler

A true honour, Reinhard Flatischler is my guest today! Born in 1950 in Vienna, he completed studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and started his career as a classical concert pianist. He studied with master-drummers from all continents, is a member of the Scientific Committee in the International Society for Music in Medicine; composer of the orchestral suite “Waves upon Waves” and “Space beyond Space” and lead performer with the Auckland Philharmonia and Auckland Choral Society. Reinhard is the author of four books (Rhythm for Evolution) and composer/producer of eight award-winning albums, all bestsellers in the realm of rhythm-focused music and regarded as standard music literature. His unique work bridges the domains of education, therapy, coaching, high-end performance and meditation practices. With his compositions and his educational approach, Reinhard has fundamentally influenced the European drums and percussion scene. The media repeatedly describes him as the “ambassador of the global language of rhythm.” He is the founder of MegaDrums and TaKeTiNa, where he educates people to explore, entrain and experience rhythm with their main instrument – the body. He is also the host of The Power of Rhythm Podcast, where he speaks with world class performers and trendsetters in rhythm based music, to educate about the transformative, healing and creative power of rhythmic expression.

This conversation blew me away – a deep dive into the world of rhythm! Reinhard explains why rhythm is the most fundamental power of life and what it means to become one with rhythm. That rhythm is something we all have, can access and experience, because it’s what we are. We also talk about:
– How human learning can be triggered through rhythmic processes
– That TaKeTiNa is not just a rhythm pattern, but about a deep connection with life through rhythm.
– Simultaneous perception and how it is a doorway to inner stillness
– The relation between rhythm and health
– Long term healing of depression through rhythm practices
– The vagus nerve, heart rate variability and its relation to rhythm, the nervous & immune system and wellbeing
– Polyrhythmic structures and primal rhythmic movements reflecting the purity of nature.
– Why chaos is wisdom and your guide
– What rhythmic intelligence and the chaos / order cycle is
– Why the same rhythm archetypes underly the many voices of music & various rhythm cultures of this world
– And much more

About Reinhard Flatischler:
Free course: taketina.com/member
Books: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=reinhard+flatischler
Orchestral suite ‘Waves upon Waves’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWfJmL5wn2Y


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