#14 | Frequency Healing & Entrainment, Rife Technology as powerful Healing Modality, Sacred Geometry, Chi & Hammering Nails with bare Hands | John Head

Its a great pleasure to be here today with John Head. At the early age of 8, John had a very unusual experience, which led him to inner knowing and to follow a spiritual path later on. Next to a decades long career as software developer, business analyst and sales, he always thought outside the box and was a researcher by heart. His journey led him not only to study and practice martial arts for 25 years – he holds 2 black belts and is an instructor himself – but also to work as a medium, frequency researcher and healing facilitator with a very unique set of experience and expertise.

In this conversation – which literally blew my mind – John shares:
– How he started hearing animals & trees and receiving information beyond time & space.
– How he became a medium, frequency researcher & healer
– How he receives & channels information
– Why Martial Arts led him to study healing
– How he learned to use Chi to push people from a distance, hammer metal nails into wood with his bare hand and to heal himself
– Why he built his own pyramid at home based on sacred geometry
– Why we all have psychic abilities
– Why he studied shiatsu and reiki
– The relationship between frequency and disease
– Why health in any organ or cell is linked to a certain vibration
– Remote healing
– Rife – a frequency based method of healing and its application
– The relationship between frequency and bacteria growth or decline
– The nature of ‘entrainment’
– His personal health transformation
– Why our thoughts create our reality – “what else can it mean?”
– How you can get your own frequency healing device

Disclaimer: The shared information is neither a medical claim nor a medical recommendation, just a personal opinion.

About John Head:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jheadway/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhead/
Website: https://johnhead.net/

Further Resources:
Spooky Rife Machine: https://www.spooky2.com/


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