#15 | Building Bridges after Death Threat as Activist & 4y Asylum Seeking, Finding Go(o)d in any Moment, Why Nobody owns You Anything & Power of Heart in Art beyond Esthetic | Natalia Sierra Poveda

Today I speak with Natalia Sierra Poveda. Born in Colombia, she is an artist, activist, filmmaker & social entrepreneur. In 2016,her life took a dramatic turn. Because of her family’s human rights legal support to displaced families in Colombia, they were threatened by death. And had to flee Colombia. After 4 years of intense experience as asylum seekers in Switzerland, she & her family finally got recognized as political refugees this Nov. She is currently doing her Master’s degree in Art & Society at the Zurich University of the Arts and is the founder of ‘Power to the People’, a social enterprise organizing city walks led by refugees. As artist Art Basel commissioned her art work “MY LAST TREASURE” about ‘the strength of women forced to flee’ exhibited in Basel & Geneva. Natalia is dedicated to making systemic changes in society and bringing justice towards marginalized people and to inspire people to live and fulfill their god-given destiny!!

In this incredible conversation Natalia shares her Journey:

  • Why her family was persecuted and death threatened
  • Her documentary ‘Sembrados en cemento’
  • Why they left everything behind seeking political asylum in Switzerland
  • How she dealt with fear, frustration, abandonment and hunger for justice
  • Her experience being trapped in a horrific refugee shelter with 100s of other refugees
  • How she studied in spite of her migratory status restricting her to work and travel and 30k CHF study cost
  • Why you have to embrace your journey at any time point & why you can never give up!
  • Why hardship prepares you for a larger purpose
  • Why no one owes you anything & you are not entitled to anything!
  • How she builds bridges & crossed mutual judgements and prejudices between refugees and natives
  • Why people feel if you do something with your heart!
  • Why art can be so powerful beyond esthetics!

About Natalia:

FB: https://fb.me/Natlocomotion
LI: https://ch.linkedin.com/in/natalia-sierra-761ba9186
IG: https://instagram.com/Natalia.sierra.nevada https://instagram.com/pttp.walks

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