#17 | From Navy SEAL in combat to Fighting Human Sex Trafficking – Be(com)ing Fearless – Finding Truth & Purpose – Making Sense of the World & Covid – Real Science vs. MSM | Dave Lopez

I am thrilled to have Dave Lopez as my guest today. He served as a U.S. Navy SEAL and is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Tactical Operations, Classified Global Counter-Terrorism Operations, Protection, Security and Close Quarter Combat tactics. Since leaving the U.S. Navy, Dave has trained over 20 SWAT teams around the U.S. and also instructed numerous Special Response Teams of the Department of Homeland Security. Dave has conducted multiple rescue missions formerly with Operation Underground Railroad and now Covenant Rescue Group, organizations that fight sex traffickers around the world, which directly led to the rescue of over 200 children and the arrest of over 50 traffickers. He is currently the COO of Watersmark, a luxury development company.

He shares his incredible journey, and talks about:

  • Why he joined the Navy SEALs
  • What differentiates those who make it through the extremely challenging SEALs training from those who dont
  • Why the Hollywood version of war is an illusion and it’s business
  • Why not fighting can be as equally wrong as fighting
  • Why he left the military after being deployed for combat
  • Human sex trafficking as a global multi billion $ industry
  • Why pedophilia is a global problem but protected & utilized by institutions
  • How ministries & non profits are set up to ‘facilitate’ children
  • How they facilitate their undercover rescue missions
  • The leadership principles he lives by and why a moral code is fundamental
  • How to deal with fear going into combat or a dangerous rescue mission
  • The strategy you can apply to be fearless in any situation
  • How to find truth by using our own thinking and conscience
  • How to make sense of the current situation in the world & lockdown specifically
  • How to see through the mainstream nonsense and inform yourself
  • Why you find yourself in the service of others
  • Why it’s all about ‘how’ to live and do the right thing and NOT about how long you live
  • Why he is not afraid of death anymore
  • Why life is about purpose, truth and bring justice
  • How funding biases science and why MSM is not objective
  • Why freedom needs uncertainty

About Dave Lopez:

FB: https://fb.me/dave.lopez.1614460
LI: https://linkedin.com/in/dave-lopez-7b2306193/
IG: https://instagram.com/davelopez112/

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