#18 | The Power of Storytelling – Why being Artist is as a Way of Living – Creativity as Flow of Energy – Why Creativity needs Structure -The Power of Living Your True Purpose | Charlotte Greenwood

I have the true pleasure to speak today with Charlotte Greenwood. A visual artist, filmmaker, storyteller and entrepreneur, she is originally from London and immigrated to Canada at the age of 33.

As a Visual Artist her medium of choice is painting and drawing. She also has been working in the entertainment business for 20+ years. Where she makes sets for films and TV shows, and also worked on many productions as a prosthetic make-up artist, making creature FX for films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Brothers Grimm, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James Bond and several of the X-Men movies.

Her mission is to develop unity within humanity and work towards a world of appreciation and connection, using storytelling and creativity as the channel of communication, and a conduit to change and transformation!

Highlights of our conversation:

– The magic and art of making movies and the power of storytelling
– How she uses storytelling and creativity as the channel of communication
– How she challenges and questions the status quo, addressing issues surrounding the interconnectedness of humanity, and the health of our environment in her art
– The power of living your life true to your nature and purpose
– Why everyone benefits from creative expression
– Why being an artist is a way of living – a mindset – and how it relates to intuition
– How she feels creativity – a flow of energy – coming and ‘just’ lets it come through
– Why as an artist you have your language – an individual flavor
– The differences between hyperrealism and more abstract & imaginary art, and how to master them both
– Her lessons learned from studying art and working in the movies
– How she creates imaginary worlds that are believable and appear hyperreal
– Why creativity gets lost without structure
– Why everybody has creative abilities
– How you can kickstart your creativity & artistic ability
– The process behind producing art: observe, record, abstract, characterise, practice
– How she discovers and portrait peoples’ essence in her ‘Project YOU’
– How drawings are windows into a person’s story and character

About Charlotte Greenwood:

FB: http://fb.me/charlotte.greenwood.16
LI: http://linkedin.com/in/charlotte-greenwood-31787718/
IG: http://instagram.com/charlottegreenwood
Homepage: https://charlottegreenwood.com


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