#20 | From Subsistence Farming in Rural Africa to Studying Western & Eastern Wisdom Traditions – The Relevance of Hermetic Teachings and Natural Law – The African Spirit of Ubuntu | Mpilo Nkambule

Today I speak to Mpilo Nkambule. Born in Swaziland, he grew up in 2 worlds: rural subsistence farming and urban. Professionally, he studied law and became an attorney – to first practice law in Africa and now in Salt Lake City, US. Years ago, he got inspired to go beyond the laws of man to study spiritual laws – the laws that govern our reality. Deeply passionate about enlightenment he also studied different wisdom traditions and now shares his voice, wisdom & love for service to mankind through his podcast ‘Blossom of Thought’ with the world.

Mpilos Ubuntu Spirit touched my heart!!

In this thoughtful and philosophical conversation Mpilo shares:

  • His experience growing up in a rural environment close to nature, not tempered yet by capitalism
  • Why he only realized later on how good that was (after achieving a western lifestyle)
  • How he stumbled upon wisdom literature in a public library, which changed his life
  • The African spirit of Ubuntu
  • How his spiritual awakening initiated his spiritual journey and love for wisdom
  • Why he studied Western & Eastern wisdom traditions and how it changed his perspective on life
  • How he discovered life is governed by principles and law – not by luck
  • How reading and literature develops perception and is empowerment
  • His favourite writers, thinkers and sages, and what he learned from them
  • Why pure teaching is ‘sharing from the heart’ and is not about selling
  • Why we should strive for high morality
  • How Hermetic Teachings and Natural Law helped him shape his world view and understanding of the world
  • Why the greatest battles are fought within our hearts
  • Why an unexplored life is not worthy of living
  • The differences between Western & Eastern philosophy

About Mpilo Nkambule:

FB: https://www.fb.me/mpilo.nkambule.1
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mpilo-nkambule-6475a719a/


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