The Parallels of Jungian Psychology & Holographic String Theory | Prof. Timothy Owen Desmond (#183)

Timothy Owen Desmond is Professor of Philosophy at the College of Southern Maryland and the author of the book “Psyche and Singularity: Jungian Psychology and Holographic String Theory”, which is also the basis for your online course called “Immortality and the Unreality of Death: A Hero’s Journey through Philosophy, Psychology, and Physics.”

In today’s conversation it’s all about:

💡 Unified Source of Mind and Matter:
Delving into the groundbreaking prediction by Carl Jung and quantum mechanics pioneer Wolfgang Pauli, we explored the idea that as our understanding evolves, psychology and physics will reflect each other. Both fields, they believed, emanate from a shared transcendental origin, termed as the Self archetype or the One. This profound connection offers a fresh perspective on the interplay between our inner psyche and the external universe.

💡 Holographic Universe Meets Archetypal Psychology:
Timothy shed light on the striking parallels between Leonard Susskind’s holographic string theory and Carl Jung’s archetypal psychology. Despite Susskind’s atheistic approach, the similarities are undeniable. The concept that all universal information is layered on a cosmic horizon, influencing our material reality, resonates deeply with Jung’s views on the collective unconscious. This revelation challenges our understanding of reality and the very fabric of our existence.

💡 The Equation of the Psyche:
Drawing inspiration from Einstein’s iconic equation, Jung proposed a link between psychic energy and mass. Timothy’s interpretation suggests that our psyche is akin to a gravitational singularity – a point of infinite knowledge and power. This insight not only redefines our understanding of consciousness but also offers a comforting perspective on our eternal nature, alleviating the existential fear of death.

Themes & Keywords


  • ► 0:00 – Introduction: Prof. Timothy Owen Desmond’s Insights
  • ► 2:15 – The Epiphany: Desmond’s Journey from Math to Philosophy
  • ► 6:40 – The Holographic Principle: Bridging Psychology and String Theory
  • ► 13:20 – Plato, Vona, and Eastern Philosophies: Discovering Interconnectedness
  • ► 19:05 – Carl Jung’s Near-Death Experience: A Deep Dive into the Unknown
  • ► 24:30 – Quantum Mechanics and the Mind: Heisenberg, Bore, and Jung’s Collaborations
  • ► 31:10 – The Cosmic Horizon: Understanding Space-Time and Black Holes
  • ► 37:50 – The Illusion of Separation: Quantum Entanglement and the Concept of Maya
  • ► 44:15 – The Spiritual Realm: Exploring Yoga Maya and Brahman
  • ► 50:40 – The Singularity and the Psyche: Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
  • ► 56:25 – The Power of Synchronicities: God’s Communication with Individuals
  • ► 1:02:10 – The Limitations of Language: Conveying Intuition and Metaphysical Truths
  • ► 1:07:00 – Conclusion: Gratitude, Insights, and Further Exploration

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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