A limitless identity – is it possible?

A Co-Founder of the Council for Human Development, I am a Trainer Trainer on the Human Blockchain. My purpose is to expand my consciousness and share what I learned and experiences with you: To enable you to go through the same metamorphosis, to then enable someone else to go through the same. To create ripple effects in the universe together. To elevate global consciousness. Together – as we are one.

Personal Transformation requires 3 things


That relates to what happens inside your head: the way you decode reality through your filter based on adopted values and beliefs: your subjective perception. Moving from an inauthentic shell into your authentic core by editing language and thought patterns to form an authentic identity beyond social labels with a philosophical belief system based on your limitless potential – your reality shifts instantly: into a limitless state of awareness and potential! A limitless identity.


You are deceived from within by the social virus: doubt, denial, delay, distortion, deletion and generalisation of information – the defence mechanisms of the shadow self protecting existing beliefs. A guide and 1:1 sessions are fundamental to break out of the maze of the mind and through your shell identity by holding you a mirror to put the spotlight on what forms your current limited belief system and giving you – for the first time in your life – literally the free choice to define a progressive belief system on your terms.


The negatively competitive environment we are operating in as a society is detrimental to our best interest. Conditioned into left brain repetitive and process driven thinking, we are fear based, reactive and use a fraction of our cognitive abilities. Once you start waking up, there is no way you want to stay any more minute in the old paradigm. Our community acts as a magnet towards opportunity, co-creation, ideas, insights, change and expansion! With a true WE mentality – a collective working together to social actualize!


Develops the individuals creative capability in line with advanced thinking, within a structured format addressing personal health, wealth, and wisdom issues as well as social development.

The 12 month trainer trainer program is based on the 3 fundamentals Introspection, Guidance and Community and provides a learning and earning situation at the same time.


QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY explores the 5 dynamics of life – personal, social, environmental, situational and universal, with a view to expanding consciousness, creativity, communication, and confidence skills exponentially.

THEORETICAL CONSCIOUSNESS or Type 3 Thinking: From process & goal subservient consciousness (98% of us are in) to “in-state” – an ability intrinsic to all of us. Download from the quantum field and connect to your experiential database. It involves editing an individual’s language and thought patterns to move them to a limitless state of awareness and potential — through forming an authentic identity beyond social labels. A limitless identity.

mind maps – a structure of navigation to build from

A small selection of what is waiting for you.


This Training is not about following a certain ideology or belief system. It is about getting rid of the crappy ideologies, beliefs and conditioning currently suppressing your potential to almost nothing. And – for the first time in your life – to define your own progressive philosophical belief system! To become your own Guru! And to plug into your wisdom, leveraging your unique experience, knowledge, creativity and perspective on life! There is only YOU where you are in the universe – nobody else! There is zero need to compete with, copy or follow someone else – the only purpose of life is to be you! And to share your wisdom with the world! Which means start writing your own books! And not be a follower anymore, but become a leader and inspiration to others! The only one holding you back, is you!

Time To take action!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


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