Konflikte in bewusste Schöpfung verwandeln – der Prozess

Momente des Konflikts sind großartige Gelegenheiten dein Bewusstsein zu schulen und deine Muster und Programme ins Rampenlicht zu rücken. Wichtig: Spannung ist großartig! Lass nicht zu, dass dein Autopilot Spannungen unbewusst auflöst indem er deine kompensierenden Handlungen ausführt. (Mehr dazu hier.) Wenn Du das zulässt, wirst du dein Leiden fortsetzen und das Muster wird die gleiche Konstellation mit neuem Anstrich wiederherstellen. Es ist wichtig sich der Spannungen, Konflikte oder Dilemmas bewusst zu werden! Und die zugrunde liegenden Glaubenssätze, die sie erzeugen. Sobald du sie erkennst, kannst du einen Schritt zurücktreten und deinen Fokus dem zuweisen, was du / dein Höheres Selbst wirklich will! Die Wahrheit! Der unten beschriebene Prozess ist ein unglaublich hilfreiches Werkzeug um sich bewusst zu machen, wo dein aktueller Fokus und deine Macht liegt (erinnerst Du dich an Nachrichtensatz A und B?), und dann den Fokus dorthin zu verlagern, wo DU ihn haben willst (Vision / Endresultat)!

Mit Spannung Definitionen Lösen – der Prozess

Spannung und Konflikte sind großartige Gelegenheiten, die eigene Wahrnehmung zu schulen und eigene Mangelmuster und -programme ins Rampenlicht zu rücken. Normalerweise lösst dein Autopilot Spannungen unbewusst auf, indem du deine kompensierende Handlung ausführst. Allerdings verlängert dies nur dein ‘Leiden’, da das Muster weiter besteht und sich in einer ähnlichen Konstellation in neuem Gewand wieder manifestiert. Daher ist es unglaublich wichtig, sich der Spannungen, Ladungen, Konflikte oder Dilemmas bewusst zu werden!

Turning Tension into Creation – the Process

Moments of tension and conflict are great opportunities to train your awareness and put the spotlight on your patterns and programs. Important: Tension is great! Don't let your autopilot resolve tension unconsciously by executing your compensating action. If you let that happen, you will continue the suffering and the pattern will recreate the same constellation in a new format. Its key to become aware of tension, conflict or dilemmas! And the underlying beliefs creating it. Once you acknowledge them, you can make a step back and reassign the power to what you / your Higher Self really wants! The below process is an incredible tool to become aware of where your current focus and power is (remember Set A and B?), and then reattribute the focus where YOU want it to be (Vision / Endgoal)!

Identity – Who are you?

Who do you think you are? How do you self identify? Are you your job, title, family, relationship, status, gender, race, your thoughts, your feelings? Who are you? Who have you been when you were 5 years old? Who will you be in 5 years? Who are you if you were to lose your job, title, status, family? Would you then be someone different? Or still the same? Are you someone who is good in speaking, sports, relationships, making money or friends? What if you were to loose all that? Would YOU be the same? Are you someone who cant do x? Who is shy, insecure, lacking confident, broke, broken, stupid, incapable, insignificant, powerless, ugly? Are you unworthy? Not lovable? What if that werent true? What if thats only a self limiting definition you took on based on your experience? What if you had had a different experience?

Limiting Beliefs – What are they and how do they manifest?

In my past post, I wrote about why our beliefs literally create our reality (If you haven, read it!). Therefore, it's of utmost importance to discover what we believe. To leave the reactive loop and wake up to Free Will and our true Self. Once you follow the process outlined here, you start discovering your wrong (default illusionary) input: your Set A of messages (unconscious believes and programs) to your Subconscious Mind. Which creates your reality if you dont consciously intervene. This process leads you to dig out your underlying  beliefs, which always come back to 12 fundamental limiting beliefs, which you cannot distill further down. (Please comment if you find more, I have not so far). Let's explore what they are, where they come from and how they manifest. To become even more objective and stop being a victim of unconscious patterns and programs.

Free Will – A Journey of Discovery!

"Education should aim at destroying Free Will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished." Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell. Free Will seems dangerous, especially to authorities? Before we discuss, why that could be the case, let's see first what it means and what it is. "Free Will is the ability to act and make choices independent of any outside influence." That leads to a couple of questions: Where do our actions emerge from? Why does this even matter? Do we have resp. can we gain authority about that process? What means outside influence? Its common sense that our actions determine our results. Wherever we are in life is a function of our actions (or lack thereof). And better decisions lead to better actions, which equate to better results. But where do our decisions emerge from? They are seemingly a function of what we think & feel. Which seems to put a lot of importance on what and how we think!

Truth – The Ultimate Empowerment

"And the truth shall set you free." Bible, John 8:32. Knowledge about the true nature of reality is key to wake up from unconscious limiting believes and individual perception (you are not your thoughts and emotions) and discover true Self = who you really are. Which leads to Self respect (how can you fully respect your Self if you don't know what it is?), the requirement for your empowerment. And your freedom. There is an inherent truth to reality, it is not individual perception and opinions ("thats my truth!") or dogmas & belief systems (cultural religion, money, new age, government, scientism). Discovering truth means waking up from unconscious patterns and raising your consciousness. Which means nothing else but aligning your individual subjective perception of reality more and more with the actual truth of reality.