The Council for Human Development crossed my path in November 2019 and starting the Quantum Psychology Transformational Program changed everything! It changed the way I identified myself, the way I perceive the world and the way the world perceives me! My levels of consciousness, confidence, creativity and communication skyrocketed and still to this day expand exponentially! Life changed from limited, restrictive and fearful with zero purpose, to limitless, joyful and effortless with purpose at a level I never imagined!!

And I can say this truly was the best thing every happening in my life! That is why I became a Co-Founder to spread the word, train others in Theoretical Consciousness and Quantum Psychology and together raise global consciousness.

The Council for Human Development

is a collective of social entrepreneurs working together to provide sustainable work for 1bn people by 2030. By using consciousness and blockchain technology to create a decentralised, global, fully autonomous social program to advance consciousness en masse.

The Quantum Psychology Transformational Program

Develops the individuals creative capability in line with advanced thinking, within a structured format addressing personal health, wealth, and wisdom issues as well as social development.

Methods of choice

QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY explores the 5 dynamics of life – personal, social, environmental, situational and universal, with a view to expanding consciousness, creativity, communication, and confidence skills exponentially.

THEORETICAL CONSCIOUSNESS or Type 3 Thinking: From process & goal subservient consciousness (98% of us are in) to “in-state” – an ability intrinsic to all of us. Download from the quantum field and connect to your experiential database. It involves editing an individual’s language and thought patterns to move them to a limitless state of awareness and potential — through forming an authentic identity beyond social labels. A limitless identity.


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