Structural Creativity

WORKSHOP: Structural Creativity – To unFold who we truly are

­čĹëWho am I?
­čĹëWhy am I here?
­čĹëWhat is my potential & what do I want to realize into this life?
­čĹëHow do I bring that to life?

For me – the essence of life:

To find fulfilling answers to these questions within oneself. But at the same time

the paradox of human existence:

Although we are causally responsible for our reality experience & life circumstances (not only Buddha but also the CIA says so), hardly anyone is satisfied, fulfilled or self-actualized; hardly anyone dares to dream – let alone live their dreams! Or in other words:

“It’s my observation that 98% of people spend 98% of their time focusing on the 98% of things that don’t matter.”

Neale Donald Walsch

We believe to be victims and dedicate our life to compensate our fears & negative thoughts – we fight to survive instead of flowing with life and enjoying ourselves! We look for external confirmation, recognition, believe we have to prove our worth through performance and waste our energy to fulfill the expectations of others or simply hope for better circumstances (possibly a savior on the outside). Ultimately, we (un)consciously devalue ourselves for suppressing our own gifts & talents and / or make others responsible for their own circumstances.

Result: An un-authentic life as an expression of our (supposed) wounds = a self-affirming ‘vicious circle’.

Even for the ‘awakened’ possible (compensation) traps are waiting: We take refuge in transcendence / spirituality to (unconsciously) avoid our emotional & psychological wounds (“It’s all an illusion”, “The world is evil” etc.) or lose ourselves in a never-ending healing spiral (“If I am healed / enlightened, then everything will be fine / I can live / I am allowed to be freeÔÇŽ” etc.).

And miss in both cases life – the heaven – in the here and now: The only time that exists & we experience! 

And that is not me saying that:

“For the kingdom of God is in your midst”.


Fate without alternatives?


Once we learn to change our focus, we begin to discover our true nature & creative potential. And realize that we are substantially already full and whole and – in the truest sense of the word – wonderful creative creative spirits! As we begin to use our free will, we begin to unfold what is truly within ourselves and lies in our heart:

“The one you are looking for is the one who is looking”

Franz von Assisi

The Intention of this seminar!

Intention: A thorough introduction to the basic principles of creativity, intuition and reality design. To connect you with your creative potential and to provide you with techniques that enable you to shape your life self-determined & creatively and to set YOU & what YOU really care about free in your life sustainably.


  • Aspects of consciousness: regaining access to our creative ‘genius’ – childlike innocent perception – beyond limiting conditioning.
  • Intuitive abilities: discovering & learning to precisely apply one’s intuition.
  • Mechanics of manifestation: how structural creativity works & reality emerges.
  • Dysfunctional personality: recognizing the foundational limiting beliefs & their compensation patterns.
  • Conflict deconstruction process: using conflict to expand consciousness to shift focus from compensation to what is true & really matters.
  • Early childhood individuation: learning to understand one’s own imprint in order to free oneself from limiting conditioning.
  • Discovering talents, joy & true desires: What gifts lie dormant within you? What are you really living for? (This may not be what you expect).
  • Empowering Decision Making: Learning to release your potential in a focused way to do what you are & actually love.
  • And more

Important: This seminar is not (only) about intellectual understanding but above all about the practical application and (self-) experience of creative premises. Neither is it about imparting a belief system or ‘the’ truth, rather about a framework and principles that enable self-knowledge & truth-finding: Actual Self Empowerment.



  • Next date: Will be published soon.
  • (If you are interested, write me a message below and I will inform you as soon as the next dates are set).


  • Online via Zoom


This seminar is free for the first 30 participants.

If you are interested in deepening what you have learned, you are cordially invited to attend the subsequent seminars for which a fee is charged. The complete curriculum ‘Structural Creativity’ will probably consist of 4 seminars. Since the price should not be a filter, there is the possibility of a (partial) scholarship in justified cases.

For Whom

For anyone who is curious & open-minded and has joy & interest in it:

  • To learn more about oneself.
  • To take responsibility for oneself and one’s life.
  • To actively change one’s circumstances in a positive way.
  • To discover and sustainably release one’s creative potential.
  • To learn how consciousness works.


What previous participants said:

‘Subjective reality is clearly and lovingly invited into the vision. The fear dissolves completely in the home of my potential / vision. Reality with its fixed beliefs (I have to earn money to survive etc.) is neither excluded nor rejected. Rather it finds its trust in a new, the true reality of what I really am. – Simon guides and accompanies us in highest concentration and with an alert mind through the at times stony, at times blissful adventure of discovering one’s own potential. And thus begins the path of realization through alert observation of one’s own feints, excuses and pitfalls. At times we are allowed to laugh heartily about the oh-so-tricky ego, which creeps into our hero’s path like a cat lying down ‘wide-open’ :-)! => A seminar I can recommend to everyone who likes to say “B” after “A”! ­čÖé’


Overall, I liked the content of the seminar. Just to experience this new input already causes and changes a lot and it begins to work in me. Very valuable input that one receives in this seminar and through your authentic way a direct access to it can arise, the word potential is filled with life. No empty blah blah and not tangible talk of potential, here I can imagine something under it and start to work with it without feeling overwhelmed. Connection point and practical experience, so that it offers the possibility to find entrance into everyday life and not just remain an enthusiastic weekend seminar. The exercises enlivened the whole thing and being involved also. And I also just find the content important, for me this is a topic that is really important in life.’



Prerequisite for participation is active presence for the entire duration of the seminar. Since the places are limited, please only binding registrations.

If you are generally interested but can not attend the above date, I will gladly notify you as soon as new dates are fixed. Just write me.

I look forward to exciting, horizon-expanding days with you! ­čśâ­čĺ¬