Podcast: Explore to Elevate

“What we believe, we become.”


Our beliefs literally define us & our quality of life.

The bad news: “70% or more [of our beliefs] are programs of limitation, disempowerment, and self-sabotage” (Dr. Bruce Lipton) making us the victim & passenger of our environment and accessing just a tiny fraction of our creative & innovative potential (Dr. George Land).

The good news: Once we recognise our beliefs, we can change them! And – if, what we label as “normal” is actually suppressed – that leaves gigantic upside to be explored! To become the driver of our life & circumstances!

Time to wake up!

In this Podcast we explore and challenge our beliefs about what’s going on in ourselves as much as in the world around us. Guests with unique perspective and diverse expertise guide us to understand “why we think what we think” and uncover the blind spots of our shared reality.

By enabling us to make up our own mind we can replace unconsciously absorbed beliefs & ideologies with our own progressive philosophical belief system. To expand our consciousness far beyond any (self-) limitations, discovering our full potential and connectedness with all life. Better understanding of ourselves – and our history, present and future as humanity – is key to elevate Body, Mind and Soul for a society built on Health, Wealth and Wisdom for all!

The mission: To attract & inspire a community of aspiring people and elevate consciousness on a global scale. Which is more important than ever, as we are facing massive social challenges over the coming decade with AI on the horizon.

Past episodes

First episodes to be realeased soon.

Podcast guests

We are always looking for thought leaders, who challenge the status quo, people with a unique angle, inspiring story or insightful perspective, experts who are world class in what they do because they don’t do what everybody does. If that is you or you know someone that is a fit, please get in touch with us here: