My Services

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I am very excited to support you in your journey of becoming who you truly are.

My services are based on the Fundamental Principles of Creative Development & Self Discovery to re-orientate you to what is true. So that you can wake up from fear, conditioning, reactivity, norms, expectations and create the life that is most meaningful to you.

I do offer:

  • A) 1:1 Personal Guidance for individuals.
  • B) Education in the Creative Orientation, consisting of 4 seminars with optional group training & coaching.
  • C) Professional Training workshops tailor made for your organisation.
  • D) Immersive Retreats.

1:1 Personal Guidance

With this offering I support you individually on your journey to become who you truly are.

Structural Consulting

What: Usually based on a problem, obstacle or oscillating pattern you are experiencing, we are exploring the causal relationship in order to facilitate an (immediate) change of your underlying structure. In this consultation we are exploring what is real and what is not. So that you can readjust to live (more) aligned with reality.

Why: To empower you to create what you love. Usually when we suffer and experience problems, conflicts or dilemmas, we are not aligned with reality but experience life from a distorted and reactive perception.

Requisites: None, only the desire to live in truth = reality.

How: A one-off 1-2 hour deep dive conversation. Follow on conversations might result, but are usually not necessary.

Structural Coaching

What: A training program with the intention to transform your Self understanding and reconnect with your true being and inner knowing Beyond Percepetion.

Why: To empower you to live your true nature and purpose. By becoming (more) aware of your true Self & creative potential beyond social expectations or (limiting) beliefs, enabling you to become the predominant creative force in your life.

How: Over the course of +12 weeks we establish key Creative Principles to then apply and integrate them.

Education in the Creative Orientation

The ‘Structural Creating’ training curriculum is for those who have a deep calling to step out of their limited identity, to express, embody and create what they truly are.

This offering consists of the 3 elements – seminars, group training & coaching – which synergistically complement each other:

  • A) Curriculum ‘Structural Creating’: 4 seminars: Information, Content and Immersion
  • B) Group Training: Understanding, Integration and Community.
  • C) 1:1 Coaching: Individual and laser focused Support in Unfolding your Potential.

Profesional TRAINING Workshops

The directive authoritarian model to leadership and motivating organisations through conflict manipulation and competition is dead. It is not only restrictive, limiting and a waste of energy, but also far away from who we are, what we love and what we are able to create together – if we step beyond our personal identities.

The common denominator of my workshops: To reconnect human beings with their inherent creative capacity and inspire & empower them to create what they love. And bring – together as a cohesive team – the organisations true vision to life.

How: From Inhouse to virtual, from a few hours to a multiple day immersive experience everything is possible. It is very much dependent on your circumstances and calibrated to your vision – what you truly want. Let’s connect and explore!

Immersive Retreats

Our immersive retreats are all about reconnecting with your true being and awaken to the beauty and wonder of life. In community with a wonderful group of human beings we are discovering our interconnectedness in beautiful places, with nature and through interactions with local & indigenous communities and heart opening exchange among each other and intuitive practices.


If above resonates with you and you want to explore working together, let’s get in touch and schedule a Discovery Call to get to know each other! To then both decide if we want to create together 😃


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