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SFS Mastermind: Biohacker Summit Helsinki!

Dear friends!

Who would want to join our group of 6 to spend an exciting weekend at the Biohacker Summit: World’s Top Optimal Human Performance Conference from 1–2 Nov 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

Theme this year: Optimize Your Day 24/7!

Synopsis: Time is our most limited resource. The way how we spend our time determines our success, health, and wellbeing. The way how we do something, we do everything. Optimize a single day and you have the keys to your own destiny.

“Biohacker Summit is hands-down one of the top biohacking conferences on the planet.”

Ben Greenfield, America’s top biohacker

Topics to be covered:

  • Sleep, circadian rhythms, chronobiology & chronotypes
  • Daily routines, daily habits & prioritization
  • Cognitive performance, brain health, nootropics, nutraceuticals & electroceuticals
  • Water, cold, heat, light & electromagnetism
  • Genetics of health, high performance & high resilience
  • Biomechanics, exercise & optimized training
  • nutrition, metabolism, fasting & ketogenic diets
  • Time management, task management & flow states
  • Essentialism, simplicity & minimalism
  • Meditation, stress management & optimal recovery
  • Quantified self, wearables, genetic testing & lab testing

We have:

  • 5-year anniversary event with top of the game production values.
  • – 2 jam-packed days + several fantastic side events diving deep into holistic health, nutrition and performance optimization.
  • – 2000 Upgraded Attendees who are pioneers like you.
  • – Upgraded Exhibition full of biohacking gear, supplements, devices and trackers for you to test out in the exhibition hall.
  • – Thermogenic Spa with latest in cryotherapy, heat alteration, breathing techniques, infrared, redlight and traditional Finnish sauna, free for all attendees.
  • – Upgraded Offsite, a retreat in Finnish wilderness in guidance of some of the top personal trainers and biohackers on the planet (invitation available only to VIP ticket holders).
  • – Upgraded Dinner in guidance of an award-winning wild chef, specializing in biohacking, ketogenic, plant-based, wild and seasonal ingredients (for VIP ticket holders only).
  • – Upgraded Food Court that caters to your keto, paleo, vegan, superfood, carnivore and plant-rich dietary requirements.
  • – Upgraded Art with top international contemporary artists and performers showing off their best in connecting science, technology and art related to human optimization.
  • – Upgraded Masterclasses from anything from meditation & breathing techniques to optimizing your diets for health and performance.
  • – Upgraded Party with Upgraded Drinks, of course.

More infos here: https://biohackersummit.com/

Let me know! Great day to you all!

To get a taste of the content & quality check in here for the newsletter archive!! https://us6.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=4e174df7455d1c37cd8a51606&id=2671e11439 lots of great content!!

*** Proposed to stay in Helsinki from Thursday 31st October till Sunday 3rd November!

*** The Biohacker Summit schedule is the following:
➡ 30th October: Optimized Day Workshop (Extra Ticket needed, I wont be there yet but will surely be amazing!!! https://ti.to/biohacker-summit/2019/with/l6fzbi5oaj4)
➡ 31st October: Upgraded Dinner (VIP Pass only, supposedly now sold-out) 5pm-10pm https://new.biohackersummit.com/2019helsinki/upgraded-dinner/
➡ 1st November: Biohacker Summit Day 1 – 9am till 7pm -> then Upgraded Party
➡ 2nd November: Biohacker Summit Day 2 – 9am till 7pm -> then After Party (Extra Ticket required!! Buy here: https://ti.to/biohacker-summit/2019/with/kw5zplbhqqk)
➡ 3rd-4th November: Upgraded Offsite -> Invitation only; investigating how / if we can participate!! Sounds amazing https://new.biohackersummit.com/2019helsinki/upgraded-offsite-biohacker-summit-2019/

They use “Biohacker Tokens” for any purchases at the conference, you can buy them already online to avoid queuing at the event! More details – also if you havent bought your ticket yet you can do that – here:

Proposed Hotel: https://www.laplandhotels.com/EN/urban-hotels/helsinki/lapland-hotels-bulevardi.html

They offer the following options (Incl. genuine taste buffet breakfast + access to the guest saunas
at the hotel):

172€ / single room / night, Northern Comfort
192€ / twin room / night, Northern Comfort
222€ /single room / night, Mystique deluxe room with sauna
242€ /twin room / night, Mystique deluxe room with sauna
242€ /single room / night, Arctic deluxe spa room with sauna and bath
262€ / twin room / night, Arctic deluxe spa room with sauna and bath

I have now made a group reservation with the name of “Plat Biohacking”. Here’s what I have blocked:

10 x Northern Comfort
5 x Mystique Deluxe

Reservation can be done via sales.bulevardi@laplandhotels.com with:
– the code Plat Biohacking
– dates for the accommodation, room type, full name and credit card details.

An individual booking can be cancelled upon arrival date before 4 pm for free of charge.

(The block will be released 2 weeks before, 17.10.)

Let’s schedule a free 30 min ‘Discovery Call’ today!