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Structural Consulting

Why: My Mission

Support you to wake up to reality from concept. To be who you truly are: Free, inspired, joyful and powerful.

What: It’s about waking up to truth beyond perception

Structural Consulting is not therapy. It is an exploration of the underlying structures in your life that produce your predictable patterns of behavior. Behaviours, personal and organizational issues are never situational, but always related to the underlying structure. The underlying structure gives rise to patterns, which give rise to situations.

Everything is structural. Structure is a combination of elements that impact each other. In Structural Consulting sessions, your structures will be a combination of what you want to create, how reality actually is, and the various concepts that you have. The concepts you have are usually hidden from yourself. But these concepts have an impact in influencing your life patterns.

Change always happens only at the level of the underlying structure.

And that change of structure will cause a change of your patterns.


For whom: Creators & Truth seekers

For everybody who wants to live in reality. There are no preconditions for a sessions other than having a situation or obstacle you would like to have more clarity about. No further context is required, however if you are interested you can find more context below.

How: Does Structural Consulting work?

A conversation over 1-2 hours.

(Follow-up conversations may occur, but are the exception.)

More context in these articles about Structural Thinking, Structural Consulting for Organisations, Structural Dynamics and the Structural Tension Master Chart. As well as an interview with Rosalind Fritz, who is a master structural consultant and the director of the Structural Consulting Certification Program I am participating in.

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What People say

About me:

“To understand some phenomenon or set of phenomena,

first rid your mind of all preconceptions.”

— Descartes

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