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Transformational Coaching

Why: My Mission

Empower you to live your true nature and purpose and become the prime creative force in your life. To be as you truly are: Free, inspired, joyful and powerful.

What: It’s about Mastering the Human Journey

Life is a Journey – the greatest of all: the ‘Hero’s Journey’!

This is not another ‘program’ or about fixing a problem within a box of understanding. It is about switching gears and stepping out of limiting ‘boxes’. It’s about waking up from anesthesia and the ‘wrong’ track, to not only gain a holistic understanding of yourself and your true nature – joy, love, confidence, strength – but also to discover your purpose & unleash your immense creative potential. To literally become the Hero of your life! Claiming your true Power and Free Will about how you want to live and create what truly matters to you!
This training intends to equip you to Master the Human Journey!

As for any journey, you must know 3 things:

SELF AWARENESS – Where you are:

Understand consciousness & the mechanics of manifestation and how your (unconscious) focus creates your current experience of reality. Wake up from anesthesia & the wrong track in life you were born into and reconnect with your childlike innocence, purity and sense of wonder. To discover the truth about you = your current reality.

SELF EMPOWERMENT – Where you want to go:

Synchronize intellect and intuition (= true intelligence) for a holistic & coherent view on reality. To find truth yourself: The ultimate empowerment, as you can make sense of the world yourself. Discover your natural abilities, unique gifts, creative potential, dreams and your true calling beyond your limited perception, self identification, social labels and the trap of duality. By unleashing your Genius what you really love becomes your path of least resistance. Enabling ‘free choice’ and sovereignty about your life’s destination, your destiny, your end results = your true vision!

SELF MASTERY – How to get there:

Challenges and obstacles are part of any journey, therefore it’s elementary to know about how to deal with tension, conflict and the mechanisms our psyche applies (doubt, fear…) to keep us in the known = our comfort zone. Learn how to use your will to keep yourself orientated and set up structures to put yourself back on your path, when derailed. To transmute conflict into higher awareness and embody who you truly are. And actually manifest your true vision!

For whom: Are you ready for this Journey?

Your starting point is absolutely irrelevant. No matter where you are on the spectrum from broke/rich, thin/fat, imposter/illusory superiority, (un)worthy, skeptic/naive, old/young, single/married, (un)educated, intuitive/intellectual…, it all comes down to you feeling deeply called to live life as an expression of your true nature & potential by discovering and working with your creative genius & Higher Self.

How is this Training like?

How it’s not:

The training is not a belief system, a magic pill or about telling you ‘what’ to think. It’s not about fame, money or status. It’s not about dragging you, pulling you or pushing you anywhere. It’s not about New Age mumbo jumbo or inflating your ego. It’s not about fixing problems for you. It’s not a ‘quick fix’. It’s not about having the answers for you.

How it is:

A 100% individualized training guided by the intention to serve your highest good. It’s about being your guide and sparring partner, so you can reconnect with your inner knowing, essence, abilities, joy and inspiration! And unleash your inherent Genius by opening perspectives and presenting effective premises, which you apply and evaluate to ‘know’ and find truth yourself – the ultimate empowerment: As you don’t need any authority or depend on outside reference to make sense for you any longer. Your Genius knows best. Become sovereign & the prime creative force in your life.

To be who you truly are ✨❤️
Just words? Read what our clients say –


The Training in ‘The Art of Creating’ consists of 2 phases, which build on each other & synergistically facilitate creative transformation. The minimum commitment to the program is 6 month. This timeframe facilitates an understanding & actual embodiment of the principles and to experience profound results. Each one-on-one training session lasts minimum 1 hour.


What: It’s about the conceptual & experiential framework to facilitate human transformation. By introducing (Alchemical) Principles and intuitive practices, we enable your Self Empowerment through the expansion of your Self Awareness.

How: This phase usually lasts 6-8 weeks and consists of a series of videos introducing key concepts accompanied by weekly one-on-one training sessions for the application & embodiment.


What: It’s about finding, crystallizing and then taking action on your true end results. And to unfold your true vision – what your creative spirit came here to create & manifest. Opening the door to: Self Mastery.

How: This phase consists of one-on-one training sessions every second week to keep you laser focused on your vision. And by connecting you with your inherent creative capacity establish the obvious roadmap to bring it into existence, step by step.

I also do offer individual consultations, tailor-made workshops and an education in the Creative Orientation. If you are curious, let’s have a chat to get to know each other and explore if we both would want to work together!


What past & existing clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Law ★ Logic & Critical Thinking ★ TRIVIUM Education ★ Hemispheric Brain Synchronization ★ Perception Deconstructing Process ★ Chakra System ★ Mind Maps ★ Subconscious Reality ★ Dysfunctional Belief System Education ★ Enneagram Personality Typing ★ Theoretical Consciousness ★ Real Law of Attraction ★ Modes of Awareness ★ Non Combative Argument ★ Ethics, Values & Morality ★ Philosophical Belief System Education ★ Mechanisms of the Shadow Self ★ Individuation Process ★ Identity Education: Ego & Higher Self ★ Power of Will & Focus ★ Mind Reprogramming Techniques ★ Resolving Conflict with Integrity ★ NLP ★ Exploration of Reality beyond any preset Box of Understanding (i.e. Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, History, Spirituality, Metaphysics) ★ Thought & Belief Editing ★ Guided Meditations ★ Imagineering ★ Non Combative Argument & Debate ★ Flow Practices, such as Writing & Public Speaking ★ Hermetic Teachings & Alchemical Principles ★ Boundary Setting ★ Creative Potential ★ Practices to Access Intuition ★ Mechanics of Manifesting ★ Finding Your Vision ★ Self Awareness Practices ★ Positive Mindset Activation ★ Techniques for High Level Creative Function ★ The Structural Dynamics of Creating ★ Advanced Communication ★ Empowered Choice Making ★ ∞ more.

In the end those are ‘just’ words, concepts and labels. It’s really about becoming aware & discovering reality from diverse perspectives and dimensions. Always with the intention to serve your highest good and empower you to live your true nature & purpose. It’s about understanding the principles underlying this experience of reality, so that you, from a higher perspective, consciously start creating the life which is most meaningful to you.

Let the ride begin!

Increased Cognitive Abilities ★ Hemispheric Brain Synchronisation enabling Higher Order Thinking ★ Increased Creativity, Empathy & Confidence ★ States of Flow ★ Fulfilment & Finding Purpose ★ Improved Relationships ★ Taking Ownership of Your Life & Becoming the Creator of Your Circumstances ★ Waking up to Your True Self & Power ★ More Energy through Releasing Cognitive Dissonances & Emotional Barriers not longer needed ★ Increased Awareness ★ Creating & Living the Life You Truly Want ★ Getting clear on Your True End Results, Your Vision & Purpose ★ Discovering Self Responsibility, Empowerment, Sovereignty & Real Freedom ★ Discovering Talents ★ Accessing Intuition beyond Time & Space ★ Being more Present ★ Positive Mindset Shift ★ Self Love ★ Freeing Attachments, Projections, Expectations & Control Desires ★ Making more Sense of the World & Holistic Understanding ★ Understanding Why You Think What You Think ★ Becoming Conscious about Thoughts, Emotions & Beliefs & how they influence your Perception ★ Recognizing & freeing unconscious limitations & blind Spots ★ Harmonizing Intellect & Intuition ★ (Re)creating Your Reality by Defining Your own Philosophical Belief System ★ Improved Public Speaking & Writing Abilities ★ Connecting with Your Inner Knowing ★ Turning from Victim & Passenger in Life to Creator & Leader ★ Switching from Reactionary to Actionary ★ Transmuting Stress & Conflict into Awareness ★ ∞ more.

It all depends on your interest, commitment, openness and willingness to learn & apply. Through the training you will be introduced to effective premises and structures, leading you to the ‘water’. I am fully committed and have your back! However, real empowerment requires self responsibility, which means it’s on you to ‘drink’ and pull the trigger. Which you can, because you are powerful! You’ll see!

About me:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

— Socrates

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