In this life my name is Simon. I am potential, energy, consciousness. Here to expand with you! as we are one.

Just a few months ago, I would have introduced myself completely different. What happened?

Enter the conventional description: After 15 years of Investment Banking and meeting all of societies standards of a successful life: married, money, recognition, being nice, top body – I was still bored and unhappy as fuck! That’s what life should be about? What’s the point & purpose of this? Nobody is happy! We are all just robots in this insane rat race, programmed to achieve stuff trying to get recognition from people who dont actually care about us? And think they think, but actually dont think at all! Even all the years of biohacking, exercising, personal development, therapies, running my own breakthrough events, learning & researching, coaching, psychedelics and +300k CHF spent improved things but didn’t change the whole plot – they just opened more questions!

It was time for change and to take on the Heroes journey: To venture into the unknown and transform my perception of life. To explore fully the biggest adventure life has to offer: what’s going on beyond the veil of our mind!

I quit my job at the peak of my career against any better advice and all logic (almost puking of fear that night) but trusting my heart. A first step to self actualize – to become the driver in my life. No more victim or passenger of circumstances, it was time to start my first real business.

Caught in the same trap! I quickly realized I just changed a fucked up prison for a nice one! Now being my own slave, while before I was someone else’s. The next step was guided by the universe: the Council for Human Development crossed my path.

It challenged everything I believed is possible – my first reaction: Complete bullshit & scam! Far too good to be true! Being limitless – super confident, creative and communicative? With a deep purpose while changing society? By just changing the way I think? But then, what if it were true, and I walked by? I would be the dumbest ass in the universe!! Once again, against better logic – I opted in!

The pieces of my lifes puzzle finally came together!! I started discovering who I am and whats the point of this life! The identity I was made to believe: Simon, x years old, ex-banker, married, good in y, bad in z – is complete crap! It’s transient, and just a product of the conditioning I went through.

It has been a wild ride so far, realizing at a core level that my perception of reality is completely subjective! And that the reality I have been living in was soo unbelievable suppressed with using just a fraction of my potential and cognitive abilities. (And our society believes thats absolutely normal – the most ridiculous discovery!!) That fear, doubts and suffering are completely optional. And confidence, creativity, connection and purpose are our nature, and that we can have it instantly – there is no need to train it – just by forgetting the crap we were made to belief and by remembering our true nature!

If we change our beliefs and destroy the adopted inauthentic illusion of an identity we were made to belief by society – real magic is happening! At our core we are limitless potential – there is nothing we cannot be or achieve! Fear, doubt or suffering stop existing, if we move into the spirit and become the drivers of our vehicle: body & mind!

My mind is still blown away, and I cant imagine anything better than spreading the gospel!

The best thing – this is not about me – but us! It takes the whole adventure to another level – social actualization! To create as a collective, a global movement of free thinkers and spread the social virus of expansive thinking & moving into our core. And creating a new society built on Truth, Freedom and Love! For everyone! As we are the same – one consciousness!

Council for Human Development

As a Co-Founder and Trainer Trainer its all about social change by training individuals to move into T3 Thinking, a limitless state of awareness and potential — through forming an authentic identity beyond social labels: a limitless identity. With super levels of creativity, communication and confidence! And then as a collective provide sustainable work for 1 bn people by 2030 to advance consciousness globally en masse for a society based on Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

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From own experience, talking about our sleeping potential is rather an intellectual exercise and you cant know what you dont know! So it is difficult to get inspired about something you cant know it exists. That is why we created PRIME TIME: To feel and experience your true nature, your limitless potential!

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It is my absolute passion to search, find and learn from the best: Experts who are truly amazing & world class in what they do! And who will make a difference in people’s life! Our mission is to share their genius with a broader audience! The Swiss Finance Summit is your gateway & community to Health, Wealth and Wisdom!

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