About me

Dear friend! I’m Simon and I am an explorer by heart!! Here I want to share what drives me and what I am committed to. I’m neither perfect nor will I ever be in my human form, and definitely don’t want to create the impression I am. Below is purely my guiding intention: What I am striving for with the best of my abilities.

If that resonates with you, join me on the discovery journey!

My belief system:

  1. Who I am: A free spiritual being having a human experience. I am neither my ‘personality’ (aka ‘mask’) nor interested in Astral games and illusions.
  2. My purpose: Spiritual freedom and be a guide to others to discover Free Will for themselves about what they want to do with their life.

My values:

  1. Truth: Is objective. Awakening means waking up from subjective perception and being aligned more and more to truth.
  2. Ethics: There is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Morality is the foundation for real freedom. ‘Do not to others, what you would not want others to do to you.’
  3. Freedom: From dogmas, coercion and perception. Free Will.
  4. Love: What we all are at our core.

My principles to SHARE INFORMATION & chose teachers:

  1. Individuality: Support you so that your personality can resonate with your own spiritual essence. Its about your purpose & path not anyone else’s.
  2. Autonomy & Self dependence: It’s more important to learn to trust your inner voice than to obey any teacher, guru or authority. True teachings lead you to your own autonomy and not to dependence. No coercion of will but autonome decision making.
  3. Not for Egos: It’s not about boosting your ego, but to get to know and integrate it.
  4. Meet at eye level: Neither superior nor inferior. No goal to dominate or to groom own reputation and image. Neither want to be put on pedestal, nor want students to diminish themselves. Divine nature is in all of us without exception.
  5. Service: Have an attitude of giving rather than taking.
  6. Leadership: Transparent about one’s Shadow (everybody has it) and lead by example.

My offering:

You can read more about my background and what I offer here.

Let’s discover together.