The Art of Creating 1

WORKSHOP: Principles of Creating

👉Who am I?
👉Why am I here?
👉What is my potential & what do I want to realize into this life?
👉How do I bring that to life?

For me – the essence of life:

To find fulfilling answers to these questions within oneself. But at the same time

the paradox of human existence:

Although we are causally responsible for our experience of reality & life circumstances (not only Buddha but also the CIA says so), hardly anyone is satisfied, fulfilled or self-actualized; hardly anyone dares to dream – let alone live their dreams! Or in other words:

“It’s my observation that 98% of people spend 98% of their time focusing on the 98% of things that don’t matter.”

Neale Donald Walsch

We believe to be victims and dedicate our life to compensate our fears & negative thoughts – we fight to survive instead of flowing with life and enjoying ourselves! We look for external confirmation, recognition, believe we have to prove our worth through performance and waste our energy to fulfill the expectations of others or simply hope for better circumstances (possibly a savior on the outside). Ultimately, we (un)consciously devalue ourselves for suppressing our own gifts & talents and / or make others responsible for our circumstances.

Result: An un-authentic life as an expression of our (supposed) wounds = a self-affirming ‘vicious circle’.

Even for the ‘awakened’ possible (compensation) traps are waiting: We take refuge in transcendence / spirituality to (unconsciously) avoid our emotional & psychological wounds (“It’s all an illusion”, “The world is evil” etc.) or lose ourselves in a never-ending healing spiral (“If I am healed / enlightened, then everything will be fine / I can live / I am allowed to be free…” etc.).

And miss in both cases life – the heaven – in the here and now: The only time that exists & we experience! 

And that is not me saying that:

“For the kingdom of God is in your midst”.


Fate without alternatives?


Once we learn to change our focus, we begin to discover our true nature & creative potential. And realize that we are substantially already full and whole and – in the truest sense of the word – wonderful creative spirits! As we begin to use our free will, we begin to unfold what is truly within ourselves and lies in our heart:

“The one you are looking for is the one who is looking.”

Franz von Assisi

The Intention of this Workshop!

Intention: A thorough introduction to the basic principles of creativity, intuition and reality design. To connect you with your creative potential and to provide you with techniques that enable you to shape your life self-determined & creatively and to set YOU & what YOU really care about free in your life sustainably.

Educational ThemeS:

  • Aspects of consciousness: regaining access to our creative ‘genius’ – childlike innocent perception – beyond limiting conditioning.
  • Intuitive abilities: discovering & learning to precisely apply one’s intuition.
  • Mechanics of manifestation: how structural creativity works & reality emerges.
  • Dysfunctional personality: recognizing the foundational limiting beliefs & their compensation patterns.
  • Conflict deconstruction process: using conflict to expand consciousness to shift focus from compensation to what is true & really matters.
  • Early childhood individuation: learning to understand one’s own imprint in order to free oneself from limiting conditioning.
  • Discovering talents, joy & true desires: What gifts lie dormant within you? What are you really living for? (This may not be what you expect).
  • Empowering decision making: Learning to release your potential in a focused way to do what you are & actually love.
  • And more

Important: This workshop is not (only) about intellectual understanding but above all about the practical application and (self-) experience of creative premises. Neither is it about imparting a belief system or ‘the’ truth, rather about a framework and principles that enable self-realization & truth-finding: Actual Self Empowerment.



  • Next date: To be announced soon.
  • Either 6 evenings each 3 hours or 2.5 days (Fridav evening to Sunday evening)


  • Online via Zoom


Price for ‘Friends Beyond Perception’ 250 CHF. (More in the FAQ below).

The regular price is 1’000 CHF.


What previous participants said:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your authentic being and sharing. I have heard of some of the things you share over time. But never before has anyone connected and related them as powerfully as you do. With every fiber it is perceivable that you speak from experience and have lived through everything yourself – without ever giving the hint that this is the only way. Simon I thank you, also for making me aware that I can intuitively perceive others and that I too am intuitively perceived by fellow human beings. And last but not least, I thank you for tracking my genius. Thank you very much.”


Dear Simon, throughout December and early January I usually reflect on the past year. This year I have a lot to be thankful for. And I would also want to share an enormous thanks for the structural creativity course. It was one of those defining moments in my life I’ll for always cherish and can’t thank you enough. It helped me to connect with my own intuition on a deeper level and that’s really special for me. Wish you an amazing new year ahead.


‘Subjective reality is clearly and lovingly invited into the vision. The fear dissolves completely in the home of my potential / vision. Reality with its fixed beliefs (I have to earn money to survive etc.) is neither excluded nor rejected. Rather it finds its trust in a new, the true reality of what I really am. – Simon guides and accompanies us in highest concentration and with an alert mind through the at times stony, at times blissful adventure of discovering one’s own potential. And thus begins the path of realization through alert observation of one’s own feints, excuses and pitfalls. At times we are allowed to laugh heartily about the oh-so-tricky ego, which sneaks into our hero’s journey like a cat comfortably lying down in the way :-)! => A seminar I can recommend to everyone who likes to say “B” after “A”! 🙂’


I liked the content of the seminar. Just to experience this new input already causes and changes a lot and it begins to work in me. Very valuable input that one receives in this seminar and through your authentic way a direct access to it can arise, the word potential is filled with life. No empty blah blah and intangible talk of potential, here I can get a feel of it and start to work with it without being overwhelmed. Connecting the points with practical experiences offers the possibility to find entrance into everyday life and not just remain an enthusiastic weekend seminar. The exercises and actively engaged filled the whole event with life. And I also just find the content important, for me this is a topic that is really important in life.’


“I didn’t know you, so I had an open mind. And yes you managed to pick me up and inspire me. Your calm and courteous manner makes it easy to follow you and you also explain in such a way that it is easy to understand your knowledge and, above all, to implement it. I also never had the feeling of sitting in front of a screen, but with you directly in the seminar room. Thank you for these 3 valuable days.”


“An exciting and challenging journey on which we can discover not only our creative potential, but also, among other things, how our perception “works” and how we bring our heart’s desires into our lives. Simon succeeds in an ingenious way to address both feeling, heart and mind. I can recommend this “journey” from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Simon for this wonderful training.”


“I immediately recommended the seminar to others. The many hours of intensive honest encounters with you, Simon, and the seminar participants touched me. Although we did not know each other, a loving, compassionate and open atmosphere was quickly felt. According to the law of resonance, the seminar leader attracts the people who correspond to him.😊 It became obvious that we are all shaped by beliefs, habits and we are thus limited and stuck in the perception, which inhibits our creativity, which blocks our holistic perception and separates us from wholeness, so we can not live our full potential. We have been working on these blockages! In order to open up, it is important to perceive intuition and obvious things before the mind intervenes and interprets them. Various perception exercises have sensitized us for the truthful. Exercises made us aware of our inherent greatness and encouraged us to face it courageously in self-responsibility and also in service to others. A miracle-full seminar!
Many thanks for the special helpful gift Simon!!!😊 My thanks also go to all seminar participants who supported the process with open hearts.”


Overall, it was a very, very great enrichment for me and the first time that I participated in an online seminar with video. That was also the biggest challenge. But each time it became smaller, and the joy of being part of these encounters greater and greater!!! At every Zoom meeting I experienced that my intuition is many times bigger than I had assumed and how beautiful it is to be in touch with it! We made this seminar so wonderful as a group! It was a very great joy for me and still is when I think about it and feel into it! Also, the background information you brought to my attention helped me to understand the mechanisms going on inside me that have covered up my genius for so long and to question and transform them one more time. All in all, this seminar was a wonderful experience and so valuable on top of it!!! For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Simon!!!!


I could not really imagine anything under the heading of the seminar and yet the magnet was great and I signed up. Also the fact that it should go from 19 to 22 clock, tuned me rather skeptical 🙂 And already after the first evening the fire was kindled and yes, one waited anxiously for the next evening and what would be done there. A completely different and exciting look at yourself and from an angle that I had never entered before. Powerful and impressive, everyone could observe themselves and experience what a genius they can become and already are!!!

Simon takes all the time and involves the participants. The many practical exercises displace boredom or even tiredness late in the evening. Great perspectives, explanations and a whole new look at yourself – also and especially – through the exercises with the participants in small groups. From me more than a thumbs up and the encouragement to everyone to accept this offer from Simon and get involved! Thank you, Simon!


Dear Simon, thank you very, very much for your incredibly substantial seminar! After I have let the whole 1,2 days sinken in, it has only really become clear to me how valuable and substantial it was at all. Again, many thanks for that! For me, the seminar was quite exhausting, in fact, I thought about quitting during the seminar, but fortunately!!! I didn’t!

Surely it will take some time until I will have really internalized the content of your seminar, it is always more or less tedious to leave habitual thinking behind and “keep the focus”, or to direct the energy where it really should go. But the process to really grasp and understand is going on. I stay on it!

Already confirmed with me is the premise that the world changes when you assume that “everyone has a heart”. Incredibly, it works!!! The results of the various intuition exercises have now finally proven to me that there really must be something like a morphogenetic field, which one can tap. Otherwise it is hard to explain the many true statements. How exciting!


Dear Simon, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the seminar we were able to participate in last weekend! It is difficult to put into words what it did to me. Therefore, I would like to name my feeling, which got me full. THANK YOU All the love for you and your family


With his authenticity and loving approach, Simon manages to give all participants a protected space – even during the group work. We all met with trust and loving respect, without having known each other beforehand, and it is amazing how mutual perception could unfold. I can hardly put what I experienced into words… Dear Simon, thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful experiences and I am already looking forward to Course II.


In your course I have become very clear that it depends only on me. What I want to achieve is not on the outside. Completely surrender to your feelings and just do it. I was able to take away a lot for myself here. I was very impressed by this weekend and got for me the great insights, nothing out there determines my life, even if many things influence. So it always depends on my perspective and my attitude.


Simon’s brilliance is in his ability to create digestible, actionable content and coach to it in a gentle but effective way. After having completed his “Structural Creativity” seminar I became acutely aware of how my beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and judgements clouded my ability to see things the way they truly are. This new awareness coupled with an application of the tools he provided became the guidebook on how to deepen relationships, mindfully parent, become a more impactful leader and how to realize my goals with greater ease & authenticity.


Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is this workshop?

For everyone who is curious & open-minded and has joy & interest in learning more about themselves:

  • To take responsibility for themselves and their lives.
  • To actively change his life circumstances positively.
  • To discover and sustainably release one’s creative potential.
  • To investigate the nature of consciousness.
Who are friends ‘Beyond Perception’?

All fellow people who found me & this workshop through my channel / podcast ‘Beyond Perception’ and enjoy my work. My thank you for the support is the invitation to this workshop.

What are the requirements for participation?

Actually only interest, openness to new things & curiosity 😃 Otherwise the presence on all dates, a working camera & microphone and the consent to record the workshop.

Curriculum ‘The Art of Creating’: 5 workshops

The complete curriculum ‘The Art of Creating’ consists of 5 workshops with in-depth training topics that build on each other. Important: The basic course ‘The Art of Creating 1’ offers a solid foundation for the independent development of one’s own potential. The other workshops are specific for participants who want to go further in depth.


I look forward to your binding registration.

If you are generally interested but can not attend the above date, just write to me – and I ‘ll notify you as soon as new dates are fixed.

I look forward to exciting, horizon-expanding days with you! 😃💪