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Workshops: Tailormade Professional Training

Professional Training Workshops

Intuitive knowledge is easily neglected and dismissed in the ‘competitive’ work environment.

What a joy to facilitate a ‘Creativity & Intuition’ workshop with the leadership team of Altacarn (Oct ’22).

Though that’s where our inherent human creativity and joy come from. And when that is tapped into, team spirit and magnificent solutions naturally unfold. We don’t need someone telling us what to do – each of us knows best already. Also, we inherently LOVE to cooperate (instead of competing)!

It’s never the people or personal. The right ‘structure‘ is all that is needed to facilitate that change in orientation and access that sleeping reservoir of ideas.

(And I don’t have to tell you that results out of coherence (cooperation) beat results out of disharmony (competition) any time…)

Curious about how to facilitate that change?
And how to bring more joy & effectiveness to your team?

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