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Workshop: ‘Wo/Man vs Persona’ – The Lawful & Legal way to Freedom

This workshop is about the foundations of Natural Law / Rights and Law (Reality – Wo/Man) vs. Legal (Fiction – Persona / Title) in order to (re)claim our powers & rights as wo/man = powerful creative beings!

It is NOT about fighting something or breaking law. But about the mechanics governing this reality and sharing a roadmap for a lawful & legal way to freedom.

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Past Events – A selection

Foundation of Freedom

A series of workshops about the ‘Foundation of Freedom’. Freedom of being stuck in a limited personality. To take off the ‘mask’ (that’s what ‘personality’ literally means). And to break FREE from the wrong track we are all born into. To discover your authentic Self.

Teachings around the following concepts:

  • The Trivium Method: How to find truth yourself
  • Natural Law: What is reality?
  • Your 2 identities (Your ‘Shadow’ & ‘You’): Who are you really?
  • Creative Consciousness: Whats your real potential?
  • Intuition: How to kick start and experience it!
  • Hemispheric brain synchronisation: Key for higher states of awareness & cognitive functioning
  • Dysfunctional Belief Education: The 12 fundamental limiting beliefs
  • Conflict Deconstruction Process: How to convert tension into greater awareness and redirect your energy where it matters to you.
  • And more.

More information here.

Prime Time – Unleash Your Potential!

Talking about our sleeping potential is often a rather intellectual exercise and you cant know what you dont know! So it is difficult to get inspired about something you don’t know it exists. THAT IS WHY WE CREATED PRIME TIME! A place to FEEL your limitless potential! The strength, the love, the abundance, the joy, the limitless confidence inside you waiting to be unleashed!!

More information here.

Non-Combative Argument

A format to develop creativity, flexibility of mind, flow state and rhetorical capacities & (public) speaking abilities. While having a lot of fun :D.

90 Day -Public Speaking Challenge

90 days to Public Speaking Mastery! The deal: Daily 1 video shared publicly (FB/YT) about an insight of that day & how it’ll improve your life! KISS ca 1 min! To train both awareness & speaking! To not give a shit what others think & inspire others with your message! 🔥🔥 More details here.