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Workshops and Journeys

My events are all about discovering who you truly are. To empower you to follow your true Self, not blindly any guru, teacher or authority. So you can (re-) discover your unique strengths, wonderful gifts and inherent creative abilities. And instead of reacting to expectations, circumstances or (limiting) beliefs, live life orientated by what is true to you & what you really are.

Diamond Neon Explosion


There is an art and a science to self transformation. Which is the intention of all of our workshops. To empower you to become the prime creative force in your life. And be as you truly are. That is the essence of self transformation.

Neon map marker in rain forest

Immersive Journeys

Reawaken to your true being and the bliss & beauty of life. With a group of like hearted human beings we uncover our interconnectedness in stunning places, within pristine nature and by engaging with local & indigenous communities

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