Podcast: Beyond Perception

‘What we believe, we become.’


Our beliefs literally define us & our quality of life.

The bad news: We are born into a subjective and limited perception of reality. ‘70% or more [of our beliefs] are programs of limitation, disempowerment, and self-sabotage’ (Dr. Bruce Lipton) making us the victim & passenger of our environment and accessing just a tiny fraction of our creative & innovative potential (Dr. George Land).

The good news: Once we recognise our beliefs, we can change them! And – if, what we label as ‘normal’ is actually suppressed – that leaves gigantic upside to be explored! To become the driver of our life & circumstances!

Time to wake up!

Time to break free from our adopted beliefs & conditioning and discover truth beyond perception! The key to real empowerment and Self awareness. In this Podcast we explore ‘reality’ and ‘who we are’ from a holistic perspective (intellect and intuition) without a preset ‘box’ (e.g. scientism or new age). Guests with unique perspective and diverse expertise guide us to understand ‘why we think what we think’ and uncover the blind spots of our shared reality.

By enabling us to make up our own mind we can replace unconsciously absorbed beliefs & ideologies with our own progressive philosophical belief system. To expand our consciousness far beyond any (self-) limitations, discovering our full potential and connectedness with all life. Better understanding of ourselves – and our history, present and future as humanity – is key to elevate Body, Mind and Soul for a society built on Truth, Freedom and Love for all!

The mission: To attract & inspire a community of aspiring people and elevate consciousness on a global scale. Which is more important than ever, as we are facing massive social challenges over the coming decade with AI on the horizon.

Past episodes

#22 | Meditation to reconnect with our Child-Like Innocence & Intuition – An Empowered State of Awe & Wonder | One Great Community Beyond Perception

This meditation has the intention to reconnect with our child-like essence & intuition – a very empowered state of awe and wonder!! It's our connection to all there is throughout time & space. A place without judgement or the need to make sense. Depending on where you are on the spectrum towards fully unleashed intuition & creativity, we recommend to (re-)listen to this meditation as often as you like, to 'train' that muscle further. This is one of our strategic 'tools' to dive out of the sea of perception – making limited sense based on our past, beliefs & conditioning – to see what's really going on, what we really want and to then create exactly that! Join our free Community to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onegreatcommunity Hemispheric Brain Synchronisation – Left vs. Right Brain: The newest part of the brain – the Neocortex – enables higher order thinking and differentiates us from animals. While the Left Hemisphere of the Neocortex is responsible for abilities such as Logic, Analytical Thought, Science & Math, the Right Hemisphere of the Neocortex is tied e.g. to Creativity, Empathy, Holistic Thought and Compassion. We are living in a society, where most are either in a Right Brain Dominance or in a Left Brain Dominance, however only hemispheric synchronisation (= both hemispheres in balance) enable an accurate perception of reality, operating on all cylinders and True Intelligence = Intellect ('Intelli') + Creativity ('gence' = generare = create).  This meditation is one (of many) tools to reconnect with our right brain, our inherent intuition & creativity. Enjoy & let us know your thoughts!
  1. #22 | Meditation to reconnect with our Child-Like Innocence & Intuition – An Empowered State of Awe & Wonder | One Great Community
  2. #21 | How to Create Social Change to End Sexual Exploitation of Children & Impunity – Rescuing 4’700 Girls- Human Trafficking a Multi BN$ Industry – Why Good Always Prevails | Evelien Hölksen
  3. #20 | From Subsistence Farming in Rural Africa to Studying Western & Eastern Wisdom Traditions – The Relevance of Hermetic Teachings and Natural Law – The African Spirit of Ubuntu | Mpilo Nkambule
  4. #19 | The 4 Fundamental Questions of Life: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to Do? – Why we are Born with Pure Potential – The importance of 'Know the Unknown' | Chris Tazreiter
  5. #18 | The Power of Storytelling – Why being Artist is as a Way of Living – Creativity as Flow of Energy – Why Creativity needs Structure -The Power of Living Your True Purpose | Charlotte Greenwood

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