‘Beyond Perception’ Podcast

‘What we believe, we become.’


Our beliefs literally define us & our quality of life.

The ‘bad’ news:

We are born into a subjective and limited perception of reality. ‘70% or more [of our beliefs] are programs of limitation, disempowerment, and self-sabotage’ (Dr. Bruce Lipton) making us the victim & passenger of our environment and accessing just a tiny fraction of our creative & innovative potential (Dr. George Land).

The ‘good’ news:

Once we recognise our beliefs, we are not bound to them anymore! And – if, what we label as ‘normal’ is actually completely suppressed – that leaves gigantic upside and the possibility to rediscover ourselves as literally limitless creative spirit – and become the driver of our life & circumstances!

Time to wake up!

Time to break free from adopted (limiting) beliefs & conditioning and discover truth beyond perception! The key to real empowerment and Self awareness. In this Podcast we explore ‘reality’ and ‘who we are’ from a holistic perspective without a preset ‘box’. Guests with unique perspective and diverse expertise guide us to understand ‘why we think what we think’ and uncover the blind spots of our shared reality.

By enabling us to make up our own mind we can recognise unconsciously absorbed (limiting) beliefs & ideologies and change our focus to what is actually true. To reconnect with our own inner Genius and expand our awareness far beyond any (self-) limitations, discovering our true Self and connectedness with all life.

Better understanding of ourselves is the key to elevate body, mind and soul to find truth, freedom and love.

To Be As We Are 💫❤️

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The Purpose of Zen: Becoming Buddha & understanding our true Self | Kathy Park JDSPN (#147) Beyond Perception

Kathy Park JDPSN is a practitioner of Zen for more than 20 years. She received inka (the permission to teach) from Zen master Dae Bong at Musangsa in Korea in 2016, and is now a dharma master and the co-guiding teacher for Zen groups in Korea. She is also the co-guiding teacher and coordinator of Kwan Um Zen Online, where they are bringing online Zen teaching and support to practitioners worldwide. In today's conversation she warmly invites us: 💡 The purpose of Zen 💡 Becoming Buddha: understanding the true Self 💡 Our life a Koan: Why we don't know  — HIGHLIGHTS — ► Why Katy started to practice Zen ► Continously waking up from the dream ► Why Zen is about waking up from moment to moment ► The problem with language and the right use of concept ► The concepts of time, space, name, form ► The return to pre thinking ► Creating harmony between the 3 energy centres: Will, intellect and emotion ► The qualities of a pure and clear mind ► The 3 traditions of Buddhism ► 2 ways of burning Karma: Outside and inside ► The purpose of Koans ► The different practices in Zen and their effect And much more! ► About Kathy Park JDPSN: https://kwanumzen.org/ https://zenseoul.org —-✨ Let's Be As We Are BEYOND PERCEPTION —- https://t.me/beyondperception —————- ★★ SHARING = CARING if this episode was valuable, please review & share with others who could benefit from this information too! TY! ★★ SIGN UP for free workshops & more: https://simonrilling.com/newsletter ★★ SUPPORT my work @ http://paypal.me/simonrilling – truly appreciated —————- ★★ OUR OFFERING: ► Training: https://simonrilling.com/training ► Events: https://simonrilling.com/events ★★ FOLLOW US: ► YT: http://bit.ly/BeyondPerceptionYT ► FB: https://fb.me/BeyondPerception ► LI: http://bit.ly/BeyondPerceptionLI — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondperception/message
  1. The Purpose of Zen: Becoming Buddha & understanding our true Self | Kathy Park JDSPN (#147)
  2. Der Unsinn des 13. Sternzeichen: Ordnung und Aufbau unseres Sonnensystems | Dr. Michaela Dane (#146)
  3. Reality or Concept? A Choice. The Simplicity of Structural Consulting | Rosalind Fritz (#145)
  4. Alles Deine Schuld: Lösungswege aus toxischer Scham und Schuld | Nathalie Wachotsch (#144)
  5. Whole Brain Living by Balancing our 4 Brain Characters: The Evolutionary Goal of Humanity | Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (#143)
  6. Who We Truly Are Beyond Concept: Wonderfully Nothing & Absolutely Everything | Anna Brown (#142)
  7. Meine Vision Beyond Perception: Selbst Transformation – Was bedeutet das? | Simon (#141)
  8. Luminous Life: How the Science of Light unlocks the Art of Living | Dr. Jacob Liberman (#140)
  9. Beyond the Matrix of Meaning: Why Creating is Healing but Healing not Creating – The Fallacies of the Fixing Yourself Orientation | William Whitecloud (#139)
  10. Bewusstseinskontrolle durch Technologie: Auswirkungen & Immunisierung | Carsten Pötter (#138)

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