Welcome to ‘Beyond Perception’

I’m Simon and I’ld love to invite you on a journey of discovery.

Our vision is to be an inspiration for Self Transformation.
By uncovering and sharing the
Fundamental Principles for Self Discovery & Creative Development.
Beyond preconceived concepts, beliefs or mainstream.

To empower you to live a genuinely inspired life true to your Self
and create the life that is most meaningful to you.

Becoming who you are. ✨
Self Transformation ❤️

Our Services

The ‘Beyond Perception’ PODCAST

Welcome to The Beyond Perception Podcast where we discover ‘reality’ and ‘who we
truly are’ beyond preconceived concepts and beliefs. You’ll hear from a vibrant blend
of guests with unique perspectives beyond mainstream and normopathy.
Guided by the intention to empower us to live a genuinely
inspired life. And become who we truly are.

A selection of recent episodes:

Our Services


Are all about discovering who you really are. To empower you to follow your true Self,
not blindly any guru, teacher or authority. So you can (re-) discover your unique strengths,
wonderful gifts and inherent creative abilities. And instead of reacting to expectations,
circumstances or (limiting) beliefs, live life orientated by
what is true to you & what you really are.

AktuellE / Current Events

2.5 Tage Seminar


Eine gründliche Einführung in
die Grundprinzipien der
Kreativität, Intuition und
Um dich hierdurch mit deinem
kreativen Potenzial zu verbinden
und dir Techniken bereit zu
stellen, die dich befähigen
dein Leben selbstbestimmt &
kreativ zugestalten und DICH
& das was DIR wirklich
am Herzen liegt in deinem
Leben nachhaltig frei
zu setzen!

(Sprache: Deutsch)

2.5 Day Seminar


A thorough introduction to the
basic principles of creativity,
intuition and reality design.
To connect you with your
creative potential and to provide
you with techniques that enable
you to shape your life self-
determined & creatively and
to set YOU & what YOU really
care about free in your
life sustainably.

(Language: English)

Our Services

Creative development Training

To best support you in your unique expression, I am very
happy to share the following invitations with you.

1:1 TRaining

To empower you to live your true
nature and purpose. By becoming
(more) aware of your true Self &
creative potential beyond social
expectations or (limiting) beliefs,
enabling you to become the
predominant creative force
in your life.

Ausgesprochene Begeisterung

Ein offener Raum für alles was
inspiriert & begeistert & unseren
Geist & Kreativität stimuliert! Für
alle die Ihrer Kreativität sprachlich
Ausdruck verleihen möchten, bzw.
sie wieder entdecken wollen.

Our Art


Du bist nicht dein Geist – Du hast einen Geist

Du bist nicht dein Geist – Du hast einen Geist. Lass das auf dich wirken. Es ist eine kraftvolle Aussage. Mit befreienden Implikationen. Du bist nicht das, was du denkst, fühlst, glaubst, wahrnimmst oder erlebst. Dein Geist ist lediglich ein Werkzeug. Und wie jedes Werkzeug funktioniert er nur so gut, wie du ihn nutzt. Oft…

You are not the mind – You have a mind

You are not the mind. You have a mind. Let that sink in. It’s a powerful statement. With liberating implications. You are not what you think, feel, believe, perceive or experience. The mind is simply a tool. And as for any tool, it only works as good as you use it. Often you hear that…

Stop the Drivel – STOP IT

We live in unpredictable times…We live in unprecedented times…We live in chaotic times…We live in times of upheaval…We are living in bad times… When I read articles, comments and reports that start like this (and there are countless of them), I stop reading. Someone is writing who has no idea, is panicking, creating a mood,…

Live YOUR life – Your Aspirations matter!

We all have a heart. We all have dreams & aspirations. The question is, do we care enough about them to organize our lives around them? And to discipline ourselves and possibly make difficult decisions? If we are not aware of our aspirations or ignore them, they smoulder underground and lead to frustration or apathy.…

Breaking the Shackles of Personal Development: Superconscious Transformation | Chris Duncan (#189)

Chris Duncan is not only a successful entrepreneur and bestseller author but also a coach and leadership authority and the dynamic force behind Conscious Education Company – where he together with his wife and team are empowering humans to change their lives and create what they love. In today’s conversation it’s all about: 💡Transformation through…

Konzepte glauben: Das einzige Problem der Welt | Carsten Pötter (#188)

Im Gespräch mit Carsten Pötter – Philosoph & Alchemist – geht’s um: 💡 Konzepte: Werkzeug oder Sackgasse Viel Spaß! Sei, Was Du Bist💫❤️ THEMEN Schaue Die Folge Auf Youtube Höre die Folge auf Spotify oder deiner bevorzugten Plattform Mehr über Carsten Pötter Welches war dein Lieblingszitat oder deine Lieblingslektion aus dieser Folge? Ich freu mich…


What People Say

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your authentic being and
sharing. I have heard of some of the things you share over time. But never
before has anyone connected and related them as powerfully as you do.
With every fiber it is perceivable that you speak from experience and have
lived through everything yourself – without ever giving the hint that this is
the only way. Simon I thank you, also for making me aware that I can
intuitively perceive others and that I too am intuitively perceived by fellow
human beings. And last but not least, I thank you for tracking my genius.
Thank you very much.”


Dear Simon, throughout December and early January I usually reflect on
the past year. This year I have a lot to be thankful for. And I would also
want to share an enormous thanks for the structural creativity course. It
was one of those defining moments in my life I’ll for always cherish and
can’t thank you enough. It helped me to connect with my own intuition on a
deeper level and that’s really special for me. Wish you an amazing new
year ahead.



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