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About me

I'm Simon and I'd love to invite you on a journey of discovery

My vision is to be a catalyst for Self Transformation. By uncovering and sharing the Fundamental Principles for Self Discovery & Creative Development. Beyond concepts, beliefs or mainstream.

To empower you to live a genuinely inspired life true to your Self and create the life that is most meaningful to you.

Be As You Are. Self Transformation

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Coaching, Consulting and Trainings

My services are based on the Fundamental Principles of Creative Development & Self Discovery to re-orientate you to what is true and be deeply grounded in reality. So that you break free beyond fears, reactivity, restrictive conditioning and circumstances to your inherent wholeness and create the life that is most meaningful to you.

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Structural Consulting

Structural Consulting is not therapy. It is an exploration of the underlying structures in your life that produce your predictable patterns of behavior. 

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Transformational Coaching

This is not another ‘program’ or about fixing a problem within a box of understanding. It is about switching gears and stepping out of limiting ‘boxes’.

Intuitive Readings

In this reading I will share with you what is intuitively obvious about your dysfunctional tendencies, but also your greatness, qualities and unique expression.


Discover our Workshops and Journeys

Which are all about discovering who you really are. To empower you to follow your true Self, not blindly any guru, teacher or authority. So you can (re-) discover your unique strengths, wonderful gifts and inherent natural creative abilities. And instead of reacting to expectations, circumstances or (limiting) beliefs, live life orientated by what is true to you & what you really are.

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The Beyond Perception Podcast

Join me to uncover reality and our true nature beyond concepts and beliefs. You’ll hear from a vibrant blend of guests with unique perspectives beyond mainstream and normopathy. Guided by the intention to empower you to live a genuinely inspired life. And be as you truly are.

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