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All spiritual teachings highlight one principle:

Know thyself

That includes both:

  1. Your dysfunctionality, limiting patterns and how they play out.
  2. But also your heart and inherent genius – the qualities, abilities and talents you have to support expressing your essence and unique purpose.


Just seeing and knowing who you are – is all you ever need.

The truth sets free.

That’s what this insightful intuitive reading is about:
Uncover your forces at play.

What: It’s about waking up from the concept of you, to the reality of you.

In this reading I will share with you what is intuitively obvious about your dysfunctional tendencies, but also your greatness, qualities and unique expression. This process is amazing as it goes beyond rational understanding and personally knowing you. It is testament to the fact that we are all inherently connected and really know one another. It is absolutely fascinating how we can become more aware of who we are through the mirror of a fellow human being.

For whom: Truth seekers

For everybody who wants to live in reality. There are no preconditions for a sessions other than openness to receive and a desire for truth, self responsibility and emotional maturity.

How does it work?

You will receive an intuitive reading over 30 min. Price: 75 CHF per session.

About me:

 “Who am I?
This realization is the purpose of human life.”

— Anandamayi Ma

You can find more information about me here:

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