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Truth – The Ultimate Empowerment

And the truth shall set you free.

Bible, John 8:32

Knowledge about the true nature of reality is key to wake up from unconscious limiting believes and individual perception (you are not your thoughts and emotions) and discover true Self = who you really are. Which leads to Self respect (how can you fully respect your Self if you don’t know what it is?), the requirement for your empowerment. And your freedom.

There is an inherent truth to reality, it is not individual perception and opinions (“thats my truth!”) or dogmas & belief systems (cultural religion, money, new age, government, scientism). Discovering truth means waking up from unconscious patterns and raising your consciousness. Which means nothing else but aligning your individual subjective perception of reality more and more with the actual truth of reality.

Here it is not about telling you WHAT is the truth, but sharing the process of HOW to discover truth yourself. Which is the ultimate empowerment, as you are not dependent on any authority figure or guru to tell you what is the truth.

3 simple steps to DISCOVER truth and create an empowered life:

  1. Input: What information (“who, what, where, when?”) are you taking in?
  2. Processing: Understand (“why?”) and connect fully the knowledge and information you have been taking in, to create a coherent world view and philosophical belief system.
  3. Output: Turn understanding into action (“how?”) to manifest the reality you want.*

*(I will make the case in another article that ultimate empowerment and freedom is not “making up your individual subjective truth and goals” (which you could) but comes through aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions with the inherent laws of nature.)


It all starts with the information we are exposed to. That is why it is key to be selective and become conscious about the information you take in. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the right information is hidden, and we are bombarded with conflicting opinions and non-sense information by the mainstream education and media to keep us in a state of dependency, confusion, fear and stress.

The exercise of the will consumes us; the exercise of power destroys us; but the pursuit of knowledge leaves our infirm constitution in a state of perpetual calm.

Honoré de Balzac

The information we receive (=our knowledge), leads to our understanding of the world, which leads to our behaviour & actions (=wisdom), which manifest our reality. There is a direct consequential relationship between the quality & truthfulness of information and the quality of our life experience:

  1. Wrong information > disempowering beliefs > victim of circumstances > unfulfilled potential > poor quality of life (suffering).
  2. Right information > empowering beliefs > driver of circumstances > fulfilling potential > great quality of life (freedom).

(In another post, I will make the case that freedom is in direct proportion to morality which is alignement to truth.)

It is key to ask better quality questions (such as: who am I and what is my potential? whats the purpose and meaning of life? where do I come from? whom does this serve? what is not said? whats the motivation behind? what do I really want from life? who has what I want?). Become conscious of where you are currently receiving information from and that every source of information has an underlying agenda, therefore open up to different perspectives and alternative sources.


Information without understanding or drawing the right conclusions doesn’t lead anywhere. Critical thinking about the underlying why, deductive vs inductive reasoning, and arranging information & knowledge into a coherent, non-contradictory and holistic philosophical belief system is mandatory to expose untruthful information, both

  • Externally = lies to us: Manipulation, conflict of interests, dogmas, indoctrination, hidden agendas.
  • Internally = lies to ourselves: Limiting beliefs, emotional blockages, cognitive dissonances & internal contradictions.

Which is elementary to remember self and rediscover personal and limitless freedom.


Knowledge (=information) isn’t power; it’s potential power. Execution (=wisdom) trumps knowledge any day of the week.

Tony Robbins

If we don’t use it, we lose it. If we don’t convert knowledge & understanding into behaviour, we wont manifest a different reality. Talking and sharing our knowledge & understanding equates to wisdom, and enables even deeper understanding of a topic. Non-combative argument (debate), public speaking, mind programming linguistics, creative thinking (going into flow), and educating others in Consciousness (each one of us is meant to become a teacher & mentor at some age) are ways of application. Knowing and dismantling the mechanisms of the Shadow Self, the defence mechanism of the Unconscious Mind to protect existing beliefs, is absolutely necessary to break free.

Hemispheric synchronisation between left and right brain being the internal manifestation of higher thinking. And the requirement to see truth and manifest the reality you from a core perspective desire. (Another article to come about hemispheric imbalances).


The steps above are called the TRIVIUM method of truth discovery and is integral part of the ‘Training in Consciousness’ program. It was integral part of the educational process in ancient Greece and Rome. To not tell what to think, but learn how to think. Shockingly (or logically?), this is not part of the curriculum anymore.

Below videos provide an introduction & overview:

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More Information

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More Information

You can find an in-depth explanation of the TRIVIUM here and an overview here.

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