Amanita Muscaria: Why it was kept secret & how it can transform humanity | Marianne & Johan (#115)

Marianne & Johan Niklasson have a teaching & therapy background, both are leading workshops and now together educate about the mushroom ‘Amanita Muscaria’ – to enable people to become natural magicians and manifest their dreams.

In this conversation Marianne & Johan share with us:

💡 Why the ‘Amanita Muscaria’ mushroom was a well kept secret until now
💡 And is deeply ingrained into our human history & mythology
💡 How it can help support the transformation of humanity

Themes & Keywords

  • What is Amanita Muscaria and what are its effects
  • Why it’s not ‘just’ another psychedelic drug
  • How it supports and enables Self discovery – beyond personality & conditioning
  • Why the mushroom connects us all to the oldest network on the planet – the natural internet
  • How Amanita Muscaria helps trees communicate with each other and share nutrients
  • The evidence of application in ancient & indigenous cultures and scriptures
  • Why the largest Amanita Muscaria Cult today might be the Catholic Church
  • Why all major religions might stem from the use of the same mushroom
  • Guidance for application and use
  • And much more!

Please enjoy!

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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