Sacred Peyote: A Portal to Reciprocity & indigenous Huichol Art & Heritage | Susana Valadez (#120)

Susana Valadez is a UCLA anthropologist and the founder and director of ‘The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts’ in Mexico. This non-profit altruistic organization was established to support the endangered Wixárika (also called Huichol) indigenous tribe, as members of this ancient culture have been forced to transition into contemporary society, and adapt to the realities and challenges of the modern world. During the last +4 decades, Susana, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has aided and collaborated with the Wixárika people to spearhead numerous strategies to collectively bolster their odds for cultural survival.

This lively conversation opens up a wonderful perspective into the connected worldview of the Wixárika! Susana shares:

💡 What we can learn from the Wixárika
💡 Why they are guardians of ancient knowledge, and
💡 How the sacred peyote is a portal into the Wixárika belief system & lineage

Themes & Keywords

  • The Wixárika an indigenous tribe in Mexico
  • How the invasion of the civilised world threatens ancient traditions
  • Shamanism as integral part of the Wixárika culture
  • The role of plants & the cactus Peyote
  • Cactus consciousness as desert custodian
  • Communication with the spirit world
  • Peyote: Important instigator to Huichol art
  • Relationships of reciprocity
  • Symbolic art channeled from plants
  • The Spiritual Path of Huichol children
  • Symbolic language: Communication of the soul via the 3rd eye
  • And so much more!

Please enjoy!

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