Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture: From Ego- to Ecosystem | Darren Doherty (#130)

Darren Doherty is a land manager, developer, author, trainer, a pioneer and one of the worlds foremost experts in regenerative agriculture & living systems. He is the originator of the Regrarians non-profit educational & training platform with a network of more than 15’000 alumnis.

This conversation is a deep dive into:

💡 Permaculture and the principles of Regenerative Agriculture
💡 Why there is no one-size-fits-all approach
💡 And why the ideal solution are always individual and beyond ideology

Themes & Keywords

  • What is Permaculture?
  • Why Darren is considered a pioneer?
  • Vision: A permanently reiterating process
  • The Regrarians platform as the most robust yet flexible and integrated planning framework in the world
  • The 10 layers of land development: Climate, Geography, Water, Access, Ecosystem, Buildings, Fencing, Soils, Economy, Energy
  • The importance of pattern recognition
  • The ideal solution: Aligning the pattern of the land with the ones of the project and people involved
  • Regenerative agriculture vs. conventional farming
  • Why we are interdependent not independent
  • The relationship between making profits and regenerative agriculture
  • The egoic mindset as one of the biggest problems in land developing
  • And so much more!

Please enjoy!

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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