Amanita Muscaria: Application & Transformative Effects of the ‘Now’ Shroom | Marianne & Johan (#135)

Marianne & Johan Niklasson have a teaching & therapy background, both are leading workshops and now together educate about the mushroom ‘Amanita Muscaria’ – to enable people to become natural magicians and manifest their dreams.

In this conversation Marianne & Johan share with us:

💡 The experiences of working with Amanita
💡 The range of possible effects from its consumption
💡 And concrete recommendations of dosages and application

Themes & Keywords

  • Reprogramming your mind and accessing your ‘source code’
  • How Amanita can free ones Awarness
  • The Re-identification from personality to essence
  • Personality as pattern imprint in your whole body
  • Effects: From micro-, macro to hero dosing
  • The choice of how you want to be
  • The reptile brain and its functioning
  • Natural state of Innocence: Theta brain waves
  • Finding your Inner Self
  • Amanita: The ‘Now’ Mushroom
  • Creating your wake reality by creating your dream reality
  • The power of incantation
  • The possible ways for consumption / dosage
  • Using Amanita for physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Spiritual, Esoteric, and “supernatural” aspects of using Amanita Muscaria
  • And much more!

Please enjoy!

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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