Beyond the Matrix of Meaning: How to come back to your heart by Creating | William Whitecloud (#139)

William Whitecloud is a bestselling author, a creative development trainer with +25 years of experience and the founder of Natural Success – dedicated to empowering people to unleash their Genius and highest level of consciousness.

In this conversation with William we learn:

💡 How to unleash your Genius based on premise – not beliefs
💡 The fallacies of the fixing orientation
💡 And why Creating is healing – though healing not Creating.

Themes & Keywords

  • The importance of teaching through premise
  • Helpful and less helpful premises
  • Teaching the premise not what it means
  • Why you don’t need to believe in something
  • The egos addiction to meaning & to know ‘how it is’
  • The Matrix: The illusion of meaning
  • Intuition: Being guided by the relevance of the moment
  • The fallacy of personal development: Understanding ourselves as being broken
  • Mechanical understanding vs. divine reality
  • How to stop compensating: And come back to your heart
  • Why we don’t need fixing and are good ‘to go’
  • Why creating does not subscribe to fixing
  • Out individual sense of existence: Manufactured through beliefs
  • The distinction between Creating and Healing modalities
  • Why manifestation mostly does not work
  • How Creating reduces stress and improves health
  • And much more!

Please enjoy!

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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