Live Your Dream – Inspiration from the Amazon

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I really know. But I know one thing for sure:

Now, it’s time to aim at your dreams. Don’t dream your life – live your dreams.

And unconditionally express the wonderful aspirations and gifts you have. You are a living a dream in any case, and it’s up to you to make it YOUR dream. 😃✨

Simon, our guide from the Achuar Nation, is teaching us on the pictures how to use and aim with the blowpipe.

Living their dreams is deeply ingrained in their culture. Every morning they come together in a serene and beautiful early morning tea ceremony. And spend time in community to exchange and cultivate their dreams. They plan their (daily) activities and life based on their dreams.

I personally had given up on my dreams for very long: “impossible, naive, egoic, it’s not in me…” was my thinking. Little did I know.

When we connect with that which is beyond words and step out of the rational & mechanical mind, life becomes alive. And so do we.

Because that is who we truly are. 🦋

Time to ingnite that creative spirit you are!

What do you think? ❤️🦋

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