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Live Life – (But please) your own

What keeps us from it?

The problem of our ‘normality’: dissociation – physical or emotional detachment.

In other words, not being involved in one’s life. A lack of engagement, you do things but you don’t feel connected to your own life. I know this experience very well – it was my daily life for decades. And when I look around, this life experience is widespread in our society – you could say normality.

What is the cause?

My suggestion: you are dissociated because you are not living the life you want to live. At some point in life one has given up and surrendered to ‘reality’. In order to stay ‘real’ one has buried one’s hopes, wishes and dreams.

It wasn’t always this way, because as children we came into life with openness, innocence, dreams and enthusiasm. But then most have experienced setbacks, dampeners and disappointments with the largely unconscious conclusion, “I can’t win here. I cannot live as I love and desire.”

In response, we then began to meet compensation and live up to circumstances & expectations. Which ultimately means living someone else’s life instead of our own.

What is not the solution? ❌

Definitely not positive thinking or working on one’s belief system, because this implies that these define who we are or what is or is not possible. Even therapy and healing modalities can be limiting because they are based on the conclusion that something is wrong/broken with us or life is a problem that needs to be solved. Short term stopgap fixes, but not sustainable liberation.

What is the solution? ✅

My suggestion: to notice your own hopes and aspirations – your own heart & self. And start living your own dream. Now. This leap into actual reality enables the realization that everything is laid out in everyone to unfold what everyone actually is & brings as a gift.

And that creates the motivation to really involve ourselves with life.

We become alive, standing fully in life.✨

Better than any short-term feeling of happiness.

Because we live our own life. ⭐️❤️


To all those who want to sustainably release their creative being – beyond experience, conditioning and beliefs – in order to stand (again) fully in their own life.

Because that’s what my offering is all about! Time to revive together?!

I can’t wait!! ❤️

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