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Rainforest Immersion – into our Self

We are back from the rainforest!!!

We spent 2.5 weeks in the border area between Ecuador and Peru with different indigenous tribes, such as the Salasaca, Sapara and Achuar. Again, an impressive and invigorating experience.

There would be so much to tell and yet none of the descriptions would do justice to the experience.

It was an immersion into indigenous culture, customs and worldviews, a (re)connection with our own roots; our nature. And equally an emergence from distorted concepts, prejudices and projections – to ourselves.

Far away from the crazy world, everything was allowed to simply be. Timeless, alive, harmonious, completely natural.

Simply amazing how all by itself slowly came to rest. And even tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches, piranhas etc. lost labels like ‘dangerous’ or ‘disgusting’ and were simply natural parts of the scenery surrounding us. (Or even in bed at times ).

We were simply there. In the middle of the miracle of life.

Just amazing – our nature ❤️

We’ll be back soon.

Journey into the Amazon

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