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Life is – Free of Purpose

Is there a purpose in life?

I’ld propose – “No”.

Purpose is just another of many concepts, fixed ideas, we easily get lost in.

Life is simple. And everything but a concept. Life doesn’t make sense, rationally. Life is to be lived.

And now?

Your only ‘purpose’ if you will, is to realise who you are. It’s that simple.

In any case you are on the quest to your Self, already. You might be conscious of that, or not. Everything you do, will lead you ultimately to realise who you are. Life has its way of bringing that about.

Ok, so why should I mind? If I’m on the journey already?

Because that realization can be direct or through detours. I’ld propose the only choice you really have.

That realisation, not a mantra, is not conditional and changes everything. The illusion of you dies. And you wake up from the idea of you, to the reality of you.

And the freedom to do what you love. And to live your life.

As simple as that. As beautiful as that. ✨❤️

A simplicity most struggle with. And go on looking to find purpose, meaning, healing, enlightenment; chasing career, achievement, reputation or knowledge. Not living their lives, but the illusion of separation, the hamster wheel, the maze of the mind. Not in reality. Trapped. Until they wake up.

So why wait – beautiful? You are here. Now.

Take the chance – wake up.


Just a choice after all.

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