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Let’s Play

Creativity – a topic for young children?

Playing – useless pastime?

Not if you want to experience ‘life’.

Life ‘is’ a game

Creativity is the essence of life. Everything we experience is nothing but a game. Consciousness that in manifold and incomprehensible ways reinvents itself again and again, and finds expression through each one of us. A wondrous, completely impersonal game incomprehensibly animated out of itself.

An alternating game of arising and passing away, breathing out and breathing in, accepting and letting go.

A game for the sake of playing. In which there is nothing to win. Just an experience.

We can consciously experience and create this fascinating dream game, or unconsciously experience it as a personal nightmare.

The choice is ours alone.

Because each of us creates his game. Every moment anew. The current life circumstances, the own life experience alone reflection of the self-selected game together with the self-defined rules of the game. And the resulting experiences.

Therefore, to dismiss creativity as a hobby or pastime for the off hours is completely absurd. Because creativity is what we are in essence: Creative spirit, pure potential – that either creates or destroys.

One can be aware of this dynamic or not. This changes nothing in principle – it is and remains a game. However, this is evidence of how consciously one experiences the game or how deeply one has lost oneself in the game.

“The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with joy”.

Joseph Campbell

Therefore, it is immensely valuable to reflect once on how many elements of a game are still present in your life.

Qualities such as insouciance, curiosity, inventiveness, presence, timelessness, or joy without reason out of yourself are a finger pointer that you are experiencing your play consciously and naturally.

Frustration, despair, exhaustion, compulsion, rationalization, reactivity, mania for optimization or the lack of a way out or an alternative as an experience, on the other hand, indicate that you have lost yourself in the game.

No reason to panic – but definitely for a change of course.

Simply back on track

To remember – who you are.

To end the current game. And reinvent a new one in harmony with your being.

You have this sovereignty – as creator of your game – at any time.

All it takes is your choice.

To take responsibility for your current game with all its implications and end it. And then to zoom out to consciously reinvent yourself and life from a blank canvas, and then initiate your play creatively and colorfully.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s play ✨

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