Intuitive Entrepreneurship: How to bridge Spirituality and Business | Stephan Spencer (#159)

Our guest today, Stephan Spencer, is the driving force behind ‘Get Yourself Optimized’. He is a distinguished figure in the digital landscape, renowned for his expertise in SEO, e-commerce, and internet entrepreneurship.

Today, he is sharing his unique insights & experience on:

💡 Biohacking and the journey towards self-optimization,
💡 Approaching entrepreneurship intuitively, and
💡 Spiritual awakening to divine reality

Themes & Keywords

  • ♦ Stephans personal transformation & spiritual awakening
  • ♦ Finding purpose and meaning in life
  • ♦ Why god is not a belief but an experience
  • ♦ How to become aware of your intuition
  • ♦ Recognising the metaphysical reasons for our experience
  • ♦ Fear as inverse faith: FOMO and it’s consequences:
  • ♦ The dark side of optimization
  • And much more!

Please enjoy!

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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