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Your true nature – is not conditional!

Back from Africa one thing has become obvious: Nature is life.

Every animal we met unconditionally lives its nature. Whether monkey, giraffe, lion, snake, zebra, rhino, crocodile… All live their true nature. Are one with their environment, perfectly adapted to their habitat, living in natural confidence in their own inherent abilities.

Obviously you say? Yes, indeed it is.

If we take a closer look at the ‘animal’* human, the situation seems to be completely different. Because in our society hardly a person lives their nature. Most of us pretend, adapt, chase (false) ideals, exaggerate or hide. Fear and the need for control are omnipresent: the symptoms of distrust of one’s own nature. Hardly anyone realizes himself. Instead, one suffers separately in resistance (competition is what it is called nowadays) with the environment, fellow human beings and nature.

We believe there are conditions to being who we are.

That would be like the antelope thinking “man I’m weak – if I had as much muscle as the lion, I’d finally have a good life”. Or the leopard looking enviously at the nut supplies of the squirrel “Hey, I’m really a poor loser, I have nothing”. Or the rhino mourning after the eagle “if only I could fly”. It would be like the elephant trying to be a giraffe; the antelope trying to represent a boar; the coyote trying to embody a snake. None would be viable. Just insane.

Tragically (or humorously?), this is exactly what man does: instead of living his true nature, expressing his own ideas & dreams and following his own destiny – his own heart – he tries to live up to foreign expectations and fulfill external norms & rules. And thus to fulfill the (unconscious) conditions to become viable. So the absolute misbelief, which fixes everyone in the permanent survival mode. In doing so, we equally deny ourselves the natural abilities, gifts and talents that each of us brings with us to unfold our own destiny in the world. To be who we are. For we are life, we are part of creation. And thus naturally capable of living. Very simple and relaxed.

Because your own nature is not conditional.

Copies there are countless, you only once! Time to be who you are. ✨

Then life begins

* The more I spend time with animals, the more I understand the comparison as a wonderful compliment to us humans But you can use what you like: being, machine, animal. Everything is a part of us, because we are everything. Different form, same substance. Thus every aspect of creation a mirror on ourselves.

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