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Self improvement – A cult I believed in for a long time

What makes a cult? A belief system or ideology. But belief is not reality.

Who is the Self that one wants to improve?

The belief that you can improve yourself, assumes that you are limited or flawed – otherwise there would be no need to improve.

It’s your identity (or ego) on the mission to compensate it’s own sense of incompleteness.

How would that even be possible?

Who your are is not your identity = who you belief to be.

You are a human being – not a human doing.

You can definitely improve your skills, actions, behaviors, achievements and so on. And you have all my blessing to do so. But you can’t improve who you are. After all that’s who you are, already. You might become more aware of who you are, but you cannot change or improve who you are.

Intending to improve your experience, doesn’t change who you are. You are NOT your experience. You are the one having your experience. The awareness witnessing the dream of consciousness.

Who you are has been always the same and will be always the same. At birth, throughout infancy, adulthood, when you die. Your form changes, though your substance remains unchanged.

You might be very well identified with your experience, and as result believing your false beliefs. And as a consequence dedicating yourself to the quest of improving yourself, to compensate for your unconscious perception of insufficiency but at the same time creating and perpetuating your own suffering. Trapped in the illusion of separation

You can’t improve yourself. Period.

What a wonderful realization ✨

You can just let go of the quest to compensate and improve.

And recognise and wake up to who you are.

Inherently whole. A being beyond concepts and beliefs.

An expression of the wonder called life.

Free to simply be and do what you love

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