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Real Education – a rare Treat

William Whitecloud and us on his Soul Safari in Eswatini & South Africa this August.

I used to be a collector of certificates and maniac course participant – addicted to measuring my worth through my resume. Insanely thinking, that when I have sufficient achievements I’ll be recognised and set up for life.

Little did I know.

That illusion bursted a while ago and I realised that most of the certificates are the paper not worth they were printed on. They didn’t reflect much real knowledge or understanding, but just that I participated or that I was good at repeating stuff to fulfil the requirements or pass the test. Which I actually was quite good at. That’s why it took me a while to recognize how useless and empty that actually was in regards to figuring out who I am and what is important to me. And unconditionally living MY life. And also in empowering others to find their answers.

Let me tell you: Repeating other’s stuff and processes within a limited box of understanding, definitely doesn’t lead you there.

That’s why – until now – you don’t find any of my certificates or courses on my website. They don’t mean much to me. Though there is one exception, which I’m really proud of:

The coaching certification through creative development trainer William Whitecloud.

It actually deserves the term education. For a matter of fact: ‘Education’ derives from ‘educere’ (lat.) and means ‘draw out’. And that’s what this certification really required: Learning how to draw out one’s inherent knowing & genius – empowering others to find their own answers and live the life that is most meaningful to them.

Instead of stuffing oneself with mechanical processes or theoretical information – it’s about straight forward intuitive Genius application and integration by living it!

Thank you William for your guidance and inspiration!! It has been an incredible ride so far!

PS: I still LOVE to learn and take courses, though it’s not anymore about getting recognition or thinking that it will complete me. It’s for the sake of exploring and curiosity. Humorously, the most impactful teachings and teacher don’t offer certificates – with the exception above.

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