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Perception is NOT Reality

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In my banking days, this was still called haggling for money, power and control. ‍♂️

In advertising, movies, politics, economy, military – in other words in our society – perception and reality are often equated. But – drum roll – subjective perception is NOT reality. Whether well-intentioned or abusive, distorted perception ultimately serves no one. It alone creates a hypnotic trance that seems to have no alternative, which – to put it bluntly – results in lack and suffering.

In our society, we orient ourselves by what we (unconsciously) define as good or bad, often having little to do with what is functional and true or dysfunctional and untrue. Truth is (often) defined as bad. With dramatic consequences for one’s own well-being: We censor and edit our inner and outer life to avoid falling outside the social norm and expectation.

It seems a bit more uncomfortable at first, as it is unfamiliar, but in the medium to long term it is absolutely liberating to align with the truth. The initial deception holds wonderful surprises.

To discover truth by oneself is a capacity that is in all of us. And depends solely on our own interest.

Because our subjective perception is first only a reflection of the unconscious definitions we have accumulated over the years. Definitions about what the things we encounter mean. Completely independent of moral considerations – these definitions can be completely dysfunctional and self-limiting, or in other words untrue – they are simply the lenses through which we experience ourselves and the world.

Drum roll again – we don’t even have to get rid of or change these definitions (or beliefs). Recognizing and orienting ourselves to the truth is quite sufficient. Life is so much easier than we think.

That’s the core of my training offer:

Get out of the social sleep wagon and rediscover yourself powerfully and creatively – with all your wonderful gifts – to live your life self-determined and true to yourself.

Involved, alive and true! ❤️

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