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Life is a Paradox

Life doesn’t rationally make sense.

All truths are half truths. All truths are relative truths.

  • You are whole <> You are limited and wounded.
  • You are a soul <> You are a conditioned mechanical personality.
  • There is free will <> There is no free will.
  • There is causality <> There is no causality.
  • There is Karma <> There is no Karma.
  • There is a purpose to life <> There is no purpose.
  • Life is beyond concept <> Without concepts you won’t be able to experience life.
  • You are All <> You are nothing.

On the journey of Self Discovery it is tempting to polarize yourself on one (relative) truth, because each truth seems so real. And that is what most modalities and teachings do, they focus on one truth or relative aspect of reality. Which is a important thing to dedicate and devote yourself to (any) practice, because it gets you deeply engaged in life. And provides a learning experience.

However, if Self discovery is the goal – and ultimately I propose it is for all of us – sooner or later it is important to realize that no (relative) truth is absolutely true. But just different view points and experiences on the continuum of relative truths.

Who you are – the Self – is beyond view points. Beyond polarities and duality.

And as long as one is resisting a certain truth or view point, one remains bound in separation and suffering.

Therefore it is elementary to let go again of your polarization and attachment to one view point or modality or teaching. Which is a delicate balance between losing yourself in a teaching by committing fully and exploring it in depth to then let it go completely. And open up to another one. In order to explore the whole spectrum of experience and different ways of experiencing life.

4 ways of experiencing the world

  1. Life happens to you: You are a (traumatized) victim with the purpose to heal.
  2. Life happens by you: You are a powerful creator with the purpose to create and self express.
  3. Life happens through you: You are a co-creator with life, with the purpose to allow unfolding what’s for the highest good.
  4. Life happens as you: You are life and there is just oneness* without purpose ✨.

The beautiful side effect of self discovery beyond view points is being less and less bound and recognizing more and more our inherent freedom. And step by step opening oneself to the realization that among relative truths there are higher truths – and one absolute truth.

If you ‘think’ you know life, you are surely mistaken
Life is a continuous mystery. Full of surprises.
Again and again.✨

* A placeholder for a state of non-duality or non-separation.

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