The Essence of Leadership: Zen Insights for a Technological Age | Kathy Park (#187)

Kathy Park JDPSN is a practitioner of Zen for more than 20 years, a dharma master and teacher as well as the coordinator of Kwan Um Zen Online, where she is bringing online Zen teaching and support to practitioners worldwide.

In today’s conversation it’s all about:

💡 Leadership and Self-Responsibility:
True leadership is not just about leading others but being accountable to oneself. Kathy underscores the importance of taking responsibility in various aspects of life, regardless of one’s position. True leadership is about fully embracing one’s role, acting with responsibility, and having a clear intention, vision, and motivation.

💡 Karma and Individual Conditioning:
Kathy touches upon the concept of karma and how it influences our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Every individual and society has its unique karma that shapes their thinking and functioning. Recognizing and understanding these habitual tendencies can lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

💡 Empathy and Connection:
In a world overwhelmed with information and rapid technological advancements, Kathy highlights the significance of empathy in connecting with others. Both affective empathy (relating to someone else’s feelings) and cognitive empathy (understanding someone else’s perspective) are essential for genuine human connections. True freedom and correct leadership can be achieved through deep empathy, recognizing that we are all interconnected.

Themes & Keywords


  • ► 0:00 – Introduction: Simon Welcomes Kathy Park
  • ► 1:23 – Leadership in Spirituality: Exploring Leadership in Zen Buddhism
  • ► 4:57 – The Tech Age Dilemma: Vulnerability in the Face of Emerging Technologies
  • ► 8:12 – True Leadership: Accountability and Civic Duty
  • ► 12:45 – The Essence of Self-Responsibility: Intention, Vision, and Motivation
  • ► 16:30 – Karma’s Influence: Understanding Individual and Societal Karma
  • ► 20:05 – Leadership Virtues: Self-Reflection and Questioning in Buddhism
  • ► 24:40 – Buddha’s Teachings: The Story of Buddha and Mahakasyapa
  • ► 28:15 – The Information Overload: Navigating the Digital Age
  • ► 32:00 – The Power of Empathy: Affective vs. Cognitive Empathy
  • ► 36:20 – Emotional Distress: Self-Reflection and Psychological Ancestry
  • ► 40:10 – Awakening in Modern Times: The Polish Election and Civic Engagement
  • ► 44:35 – Zen in Daily Life: Imperfection, Change, and Reality
  • ► 48:00 – The Absolute World: Emptiness, Love, and Compassion
  • ► 51:20 – AI’s Limitations: The Gap Between Technology and Human Experience
  • ► 54:10 – Closing Thoughts: Gratitude and Future Conversations

Be, As You Are💫❤️

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