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Live YOUR life – Your Aspirations matter!

We all have a heart. We all have dreams & aspirations.

The question is, do we care enough about them to organize our lives around them? And to discipline ourselves and possibly make difficult decisions?

If we are not aware of our aspirations or ignore them, they smoulder underground and lead to frustration or apathy.

And NOT living YOUR life.

There is no way out. Only one way in.

We will always be confronted with challenges.

The question is: are we driven by them? Or do we control our own destiny – guided by our highest aspirations and deepest values?

The choices we make define what we value most.

If we say we value ourselves, but then run after others or circumstances, we are out of touch with reality or – even worse – hypocrites.

Because we always know where we stand: Actions, not assertions, count.

The history books are full of great examples of women and men who followed their heart and values above all other factors, even when it was difficult to do so.

The ‘reward’: living YOUR life.✨

Now, when you read this, there are 3 possible answers:

A) “Great, I’ll do it.”
B) “I don’t care / Stay ‘realistic’ dude.”
C) “Yes, I’d love to, but how?”

My response:

With A) I congratulate you, with
B) I invite you to think about it again and for
C) to I invite you to my transformational coaching ‘The Art of Creating’ – afterwards you will definitely know that you have all the answers within you and how you can bring what you love into your life ❤️

Now I’m curious: A), B) or C) – where do you stand? ✨

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